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Hola love lovers!  June is one of the best months to have weddings, go to weddings and gush about them.  Allow gush-fest 2015 to begin with Amanda and Chris.  They were wed at Lilly Manor on a perfect September day.  So, grab your favorite summer cocktail and a piece of tasty cake and let’s settle into this intimate, beautiful day.

Wedding dress on a yellow door

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We’re excited to announce our first ever session fundraiser. We want to tell you a little bit about The Sparrow fund! We love to support adoptive families and want to help and encourage growth of  adoptive families. You can learn more about the Sparrowfund and how they help and enable parents interested in adoption here. http://sparrow-fund.org/ We have many friends who have adopted and understand the value of such a loving a supporting organization in this exhilarating, lovely and exhausting time.

To support this wonderful cause we wanted to offer a discount on our famous Family Lifestyle Session. As photographers, we strongly believe its just as important capture the life you will come to look fondly back on. We understand the importance of a simple family portrait, but it those everyday, sweet, quiet moments (or the loud ones) that you will wish you could return to. Your lifestyle is an important part of life that shapes your children and documenting the love and moments you spent together will not only preserve the memories for your own keeping but reveal a much larger picture to your children about what life was like before they can remember. Seeing the love you have is priceless.

We want to offer a family lifestyle session to you or somebody you love and donate a portion of the proceeds to a family taking new steps together in adoption.

For $250 ($50 off) we will come to your home, capture life, quiet moments (loud ones too), portraits and playfulness. 10% of the money will be donated to the SparrowFund.   All sessions booked between today, May 15/15 and June 15/15 will be a part of this fundraiser!  Additionally, all add-ons purchased from these sessions (files, albums, prints, etc) will be included in the 10% donation.  Help us spread the word!

What a wonderful opportunity to preserve you family memories and help another get started with their own….

by Kimberly:

Have I ever mentioned how much I love birth photography?   That might seem crazy to some of you, but the magic in a birthing room is undeniable.  And I’m a sucker for magic.  The air is also thick with hope, fear, excitement, energy and love…lots and lots of love.   I’m better with images than with words, so I’ll just stop talking and let you peek into one of these experiences with me for a minute.  brith center, labor, doula, birth photography in Lancaster PaSome of my favorite photos are taken in those quiet moments.  Her husband was an amazing partner who never left her side.  That love showing in his eyes is a force to be reckoned with…unbreakable. labor, delivery, doula, water birth, dad, birth photography in Lancaster, PaIf you are wondering why this room looks so comfy and homey and bedroom-like and less like a hospital room, it’s because this birth took place at the fabulous Birthing Center in Bart, PA.  The midwives there are amazing. Tub birth, water birth, doula, birth photography in Lancaster PA Water birth, transition, birth photography in lancaster, PaThis strong Mama had TWO awesome Doulas,  Amber and Charish that centered and focused her throughout labor.  What an incredible gift for a laboring Mama!!  transition, pushing, birth photography in lancaster PAHello sweet little girl!!  Welcome to the world!  Your first moments made me cry at the beauty of it all.  New Family Birth Photography in Lancaster PAYou were so calm baby girl, barely a whimper. Newborn after birth photography in Lancaster, Pa Welcome to the world. Birth and Newborn photography in Lancaster PAHello Daddy.  Nice to finally meet you! Meeting Dad Birth Photography in Lancaster Pennsylvania Birth Photography newborn snugglesPerfect little everything. Newborn Birth Photography in Lancaster PhotographySmitten.

The big game is over (congrats, Patriots fans) but that doesn’t mean we can’t introduce you to Megan and her new husband Josh who plays NFL football.  Since he doesn’t play for the Steelers I’m not the biggest fan but he does take some pretty great pics with his lady so we’ll have to let it slide :).  Weddings are always best when couples look like they are completely bonkers for each other — which is obviously what’s going on in these pics.  First, engagement!  Then onto one of my favorite outdoor weddings!

Lancaster PA Downtown Engagement photos Lancaster PA Downtown Engagement photos

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Outdoor weddings are literally one of my favorite things in the whole entire world.  There is so much happiness, love, tasty things to eat, family, did I mention tasty things to eat?  There is no better way to relive all of this magic than through wonderful pictures.  Like the ones we see below of Jamie and Brian.    First, their engagement session which is equal parts adorable, loving and beautiful.

Author: Lauren Bailey
Outdoor weddings engagement pictures Outdoor weddings engagement pictures Outdoor weddings engagement pictures

Well that was lovely.  Onto the big day, now, shall we?



Jamie is a girl after my own heart — their day was full of beautiful details that emulated the couple — where they met {James Madison University} what they love {good wine} and the fun that they plan to have at the wedding and for life!

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