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Time for us to take a “Less is More” approach to blogging. I sat down to pour though some of the thousands of images from this amazing 2 day event and finally decided that if I chose all the images I loved the viewers might never arrive to the bottom of the post! So here we go.. Laura and Sunny blew us away with an amazing double wedding weekend! It was so much fun I can’t stand it. Day one was wonderful Indian (Hindu) wedding in DC and Day two was a unique Serbian Orthodox (Greek) experience. It rained a bit and it was HOT but nothing stopped these guys from getting the weddings they were hoping for.

Photographers: John + Kimberly

Hindu Ceremony/Reception: Westin Dulles

Greek Orthodox Ceremony: Saint Katherine Orthodox Church

Greek Reception/ Catering: Historic Whitehall Manor


First up…the Baarat!  The clouds parted for just long enough to dance our way up to the hotel to meet the bride.  We LOVE this part and you can tell from the images, that they do too…


2016-02-02_0039 2016-02-02_0040 2016-02-02_0041 2016-02-02_0042


The unveiling allows the bride and groom to first lay eyes on one another…such an awesome moment!
2016-02-02_0043 2016-02-02_0045 2016-02-02_0046


2016-02-02_0003 2016-02-02_0004

Although the rain started up again, we were able to grab some portraits of the bridal party in their traditional attire.

2016-02-02_0005 2016-02-02_0006 2016-02-02_0007 2016-02-02_0008 2016-02-02_0009

How gorgeous was their Henna?!

2016-02-02_0010 2016-02-02_0011

Motion, motion, we love motion!!


They are gorgeous aren’t they?!


Yes, they had this much fun together the whole weekend.

2016-02-02_0014 2016-02-02_0015 2016-02-02_0016 2016-02-02_0017
999_DC_Indian_WeddingSi_-951 1008_DC_Indian_WeddingSi_-960 2016-02-03_0001 2016-02-03_0002

DAY 2!!!  Greek Orthodox wedding!  One of the things that we loved so much about this amazing couple was the way they so respected and embraced each other’s upbringings and traditions.

2016-02-02_0018 2016-02-02_0019 2016-02-02_0020 2016-02-02_0021

What a gorgeous church it was…

2016-02-02_0022 2016-02-02_0023 2016-02-02_0024

These groomsmen might have had a little TOO much fun pelting Sunny and Laura on the way out…made for some awesome images though!!

2016-02-02_0025It was HOT.  They humored us while we took them on a nice walk around the venue…so many beautiful backdrops!
2016-02-02_0027More movement!  A Sanderson Images favorite… 2016-02-02_0028 2016-02-02_0029

I think this ended up being Sunny’s favorite…how GQ is he?!


What a beauty.  She was born to wear that dress!

2016-02-02_0031 2016-02-02_0032Okay…let’s PARTY!
2016-02-02_0034 2016-02-02_0035 2016-02-02_0036 2016-02-02_0037

Every year I enjoy some turns with my good friend Anton and the Manheim Township High School Ski Club. We’re telemarkers, so although the high schoolers we chaperone haven’t realized it yet,  we’re super cool.  ;) So.. we like to take pictures in an attempt to capture the fluid movements of the skill. How do we do it? Well we just strap a flash on and go skiing!

Skiing on the East coast, even at an awesome resort like Blue Mountain can be an icy experience but these photos show that the snow can still be quite good and very enjoyable. We hope you enjoy the pictures.. more to come in the series.


Tememark turns at night Tememark Skiing at night Tememark Skiing at night Tememark Skiing at night blue Mountain Telemark Skiier with flash above head Tememark Skiing at night Tememark Skiing at night Tememark Skiing at night closeup of Tememark Skiing at night Tememark Skiing at night black and white


  • Darre - awesome shots!

A treat for you, a personal blog post! I know its been forever, but better now then never, right? An amazing 30″ of snow fell on the Sanderfarm this weekend. A beautiful layer of fun marooned us for 3 days . So what does a wedding photographer do when he can’t get to the studio? He grabs the cutest people he knows  for some pictures in the snow. Enjoy!

Back to the studio tomorrow.

2016 snowstorm Jonas snowball art

snowstorm Jonas famliy portrait

snowstorm Jonas fun in the snow

rolling in the snow snowstorm Jonas



relaxing in the snow, Lancaster, PA

Photographers: John + Kimberly

Location: Lancaster, PA

Dress: Posh Bridal Design – Janell Berté

Wedding Venue/Caterer: Drumore Estate

Florist: Wildflowers by Design

Cake Artist: Bella Manse 

DJ: DJ Roll Out

Photographers Notes: An elegant estate wedding with a wonderful couple. Drumore Estate is stunning and the perfect place for a wedding. We had so much fun exploring the place and discovering every nook and cranny of the property. So excited to work here in the future!

Photo of Drumore estate

Drumore Estate Wedding, Lancaster, PA Wedding dress Posh Bridal Drumore Estate Wedding, Lancaster, PA Janell Berté Posh Bridal Drumore Estate Wedding, Lancaster, PA Bride opening present Sanderson Images Bride looking at Posh Bridal Wedding dress Bride Getting ready Lancaster, PA Groom Getting ready at Drumore estate. Father and son get ready for a wedding at Drumore estate Groom ties a groommens bow tie Groomsmen get ready at Drumore estate for a wedding groomsmen walking down the lane at Drumore candid photo of Groom hanging out with groomsmen artistic photo of groomsmen groom portrait at drumore estate groomsmen portrait with drumore estate in the background bridesmaids watch bride getting ready Bride preparing with neclace bride being helped into her veil a gust of wind fun photo of bride modern Bridal Boquet pink, purple, white bride portrait with boquet bridesmaids posing with boquets detail photo of bride walking wedding signs at Drumore estate wedding signs at Drumore estate wedding ceremony details at Drumore estate wedding details at Drumore estate Flowers and details Groom preparing for wedding Guests wait for wedding to begin Parents preparing for ceremony Groom watches bride come down isle Bridesmaids walk down isle Flowergirls walk down isle Groom watches bride come down isle Groomsmen Candid photo of groom looking at bride Dad gives his daughter to be married Drumore estate wedding Drumore estate wedding candids Drumore estate wedding Drumore estate wedding Giving of the rings Bride and groom recess Guest cheer as Bride and groom recess Candid photo of Bride and groom at Drumore estate Bride and groom kiss Family portraits Bridal party portraits Bridal party portrait walking Artisit wedding photo of bride and groom Artistic Wedding portriats Best Drumore estate photo Bride and groom at fountain Bride and groom under veil Walking down the lane portrait down the driveway Close up bridal portrait candid phot of the bride CLose up of bride and groom CLose up of bride and groom Bride and groom with Drumore estate in background Drumore estate Drumore estate Drumore estate Drumore estate Drumore estate wedding dinne rplate Drumore estate table Drumore estate Reception Intros to the reception Bride and groom walk into the reception Bride and groom 1st dance Bride and groom 1st dance Bride and groom 1st dance Drumore estate Bride and groom 1st dance Bride and groom 1st dance Bride and groom at reception Eating dinner Photobooth
Reception tent at drumore estate by sanderson Images laughing at the toast groomsmen toast the bride and groom Father daughter dance Mother son dance Wedding cake with flowers vintage Bride and groom cut the cake Reception at Drumore estate Bride on dancefloor

Clients – Susie + Greg

Photographerss – John + Kimberly, Sanderson Images

Wedding Venue Venue Chilton, Harrisburg, PA

FlowersJeffrey’s Flowers

Makeup - Christina Carmina

Hair - Timothy’s A Hair Salon 

CoordinationThat’s It! Wedding Concepts

Catering - Sage Catering 

LightingBlooms by Vickrey 

LinensSpecial Occasions 

RentalsEvent Central 

001_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos 003_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 004_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 005_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 006_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 007_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 009_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 008_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 010_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos Groom
014_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos getting ready Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos, Bridal portrait 019_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 020_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 023_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_

The original Wedding location.. a freak storm came through and pushed the event inside.

066_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 024_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 026_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 027_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 028_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 029_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 030_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos first look Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos first look 033_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 034_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 035_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 037_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_
039_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos rings Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos kiss 043_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos 047_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 048_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_
Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos bridal party bridal party Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos Groomsmen Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos
Portraits Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos 055_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_
2015-09-15_0099 057_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 059_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 060_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Artistic wedding Photos, Venue Chilton 061_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 063_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos reception tent Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos reception details 072_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 073_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos first dance 075_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos laughing 077_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 078_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos toast 080_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 081_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 082_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 083_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 084_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos dancing 070_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Artistic wedding Photos, Venue Chilton 086_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 087_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 088_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Artistic wedding Photos, Venue Chilton 089_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos

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