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    John + Kimberly Sanderson met in photography school 16 years ago. One of our favorite stories about ourselves is that we were friends for 2 years, dated for 2 weeks and were engaged for only 3 months! Ask us about it someday, we love swapping love stories! During the past 15 years of marriage we have lived, worked and traveled all across America photographing wonderful people and events along the way.

    We currently reside in Lancaster, PA where we enjoy gardening, personal photography projects and homeschooling our children. Our career path makes it possible for us to be closer to our children and we are so thankful to have this choice and to our clients for supporting our work and family.

    You can follow our family shenanigans at our family image blog.

Weddings: Pippin Hill, Charlottesville, VA

Note from the Wedding photographers: We love our Charlottesville Weddings, this is where it all began for us. We also love this family more than we can express. They are an amazing and important part of the history of our business. To continually work for them and call them friends is the ultimate compliment to our business. The wedding was stunning, fashionable and extremely fun.  Pippin Hill Vineyards is the ultimate place for a wedding, a beautiful American landscape, surrounded by Blue Ridge Mountains and farms. You can’t beat it. Get married here… and don’t forget to invite us! Back to Lauren.


Laurens notes:

Nothing says “Welcome” to a brand new year like amazingly perfect weddings.   Kendayl and Mike are beautiful people inside and out {as evidenced by the photographs below}.  I know this because Kendayl is the sister of one of my very best friends, Hilary who is one of first members of the Sanderson Images family.  Mike, I obviously met through Kendayl, and he is one of the most sincere and gentle men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

Let’s kick off 2014 right, shall we?

I dare any of you to not sing “I’m on a boat!” during the rest of these summertime photos.

From water to cozy fields, these engagement pics have it all.

Would it be weird for me to print and hang this in my living room?

My husband and I had the distinct honor of being at the beautiful wedding that follows.  I can attest that these pictures perfectly capture the joy, glamor and love that was oozing from that gorgeous day in May.

Love the the pic below with the Mother of the Bride, Fran, looking on as beauty become bride!

I, myself, am a big fan of the wedding fist pump.

These gals are ALL ABOUT FAMILY.  After these photos you’re going to want to be adopted.  Best part is, they’ll take you!

Pippin Hill Winery was the most accommodating, peaceful place for nuptials.  If you want to get married in at a vineyard in Virginia, I highly recommend it. 

More beautiful family shots, this time with the Father of the Bride, Truba {one of my all time fav people tied with my own family, and John and Kim}

Can a woman get some bridal portraits?!

Kendayl, I’d ask you to stop, but no one wants that!  And now some more beautiful women. 

There were men at this wedding, too.  And they looked awful handsome.  In between tasty snacks and cold beers. 

Mike, seriously!  You’re just the best!!

I’ve seen a lot of photos of couples doing  a variation of the first look by trading letters or soft words separated only by the door.  Makes for touching moments and great pictures.  Kendayl and Mike of course upped the ante of touching and had a prayer said over their hands by Kendayl’s youth pastor who also performed the ceremony.  When I saw these photos for the first time I totally choked up — so beautiful. 

I love both the girls peeking out at the wedding guests assembling!  So sweet!

OK.  Let’s get these two hitched. 

I’ve been to a wedding or two in my day — this ceremony, so close to nature, touching the sky, was pure magic. 

No detail was overlooked in the planning of this fete.  It was so much fun to recall all the perfection in the photos. 

As I mentioned, MB and I attended.  And by  attended I mean was the day of the coordinator.  I run a tight ship on Wedding Day.  Especially with the help of the Matron of Honor!

Sigh.  I love people in love. 

Fantan thank you card shots in between getting some couple portraits.

It’s time for the party.  Let’s get it started!

There was every sweet imaginable at the dessert buffet.  I did NOT leave hat reception hungry that is for SURE!

I’d never seen a firework exit in person.  Let me tell you — every time I leave any event — voting, work, the gym — at night I kind of half expect there to be a firework exit.  It was that much fun. 

Kendyal and Mike’s photo booth was well attended and enjoyed by almost every guest.  Those are fun pictures that I know they are enjoying!

Kendayl and Mike, I can’t say it enough — you two are beautiful, kind, and loving.  I see nothing but love and happiness for both of you everyday.  Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your day.

Happy New Year SI friends!  There is so much more beauty to share this year!


Venue/catering — Pippin Hill Vineyard, Charlottesville, VA

Choice Entertainment - Ashland, VA

Wedding cake and reception details were created by friends and family.


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Weddings: Franklin Commons, Phoenixville, PA

Y’all!  Fall is HERE!  Like in full swing, I drink Pumpkin Spice lattes for every meal, wear my riding boots over tights to work HERE!  My other favorite fall things — weddings!  I just love that October is the new June for my favorite life event!  That’s why today is the perfect day to share the beautiful, colorful, love-filled wedding of Allison and Daniel.

Let’s start with the details! I was absolutely blown away.  From the bride:

Dan and I collaborated with the florist so we are going to have some steel pieces intertwined with the floral arrangements (every other table). We also wanted a lot of pop and color – flowers, lights and artwork.

Pop of color indeed!

Lancaster, PA wedding Photographer groom portrait

Allison and Daniel were excited that their traditional church wedding would include special, meaningful touches:

[We are] using non traditional music in the church- having songs that have meaning behind them.  The flowers that are going to be up at the alter are in remembrance of family that had passed.  [The most important thing is] knowing that those who will be absent in the physical world are there in spirit when I marry my best friend

wedding at Calvary Lutheran Church West Chester, PA
Bride and groom at Calvary Lutheran Church
Calvary Lutheran Church Wedding Photo

Allison and Daniel — plus their gorgeous party — really blew me away with the portraits below.  I had a really hard time picking my favorites.

I’m a city girl at heart but holy cow (pun intended!!) these photos by the hay make me want to run to the nearest farm to have my photos taken in a wedding dress!

Ali, you don’t need me to tell you this but you are gorge, girlfriend.

Dan is clearly the type of dude I want to be friends with:  one that gives forehead kisses, jumps over hay bales and carries bouquets.  He is all sorts of win.

Lancaster, PA Wedding photography
industrial, artistic photos by a silo at franklin commons
black and whiter wedding photos at Franklin Hall, Phoenixville, PA ‎
Industrial Wedding portraits at Franklin commons
Franklin commons wedding pictures

Allison is an artist (!!) I hope she’s as obsessed with this super artistic shot as I am:

flying bride

The champagne has been popped!  Let’s get over to that reception!!

wedding at Franklin Hall at franklin commons Phoenixville, PA ‎

Allison and Daniel’s guests were clearly inspired by their love — so many great friend and family smooch pics!!

wedding photojournalist at Franklin Hall at franklin commons Phoenixville, PA ‎

I’ve seen so many first dances in my day but these two looked like they had the most fun cutting a rug — like they were the only people in the room.

bride and groom first dance wedding at Franklin Hall at franklin commons Phoenixville, PA ‎

Standing ovation — doesn’t get more perfect than that. 

We all need to have more point at the camera pics taken with our loved ones in these scary and uncertain times.

Food’s been served, dances are danced, toasts toasted — let’s get this party started!

The new Mr. and Mrs. had high hopes for enjoying their wedding reception:

I want to be able to enjoy our wedding without it flying by and have a chance to enjoy it. I have been to enough weddings where the bride and groom completely miss the day they had been planning together – I want to make sure we can.

I think you nailed it.

dancing at a wedding at franklin commons Phoenixville, PA ‎

Allison and Dan — you are two of the most beautiful people I’ve seen on film.  Your day looked effortlessly filled with love and joy!  What a wonderful way to start your adventure as husband and wife.


Ceremony — Calvary Lutheran Church, West Chester, PA

Reception — Franklin Hall at Franklin Commons, Phoenixville, PA

Flowers — Eventricity, Glenside , PA

Cake — Doughmain Bakery, Rosemont, PA

Music — Ken Battista Band

Big news!  You can now follow Sanderson Images on Pinterest.  This will be the best way to get your weddings fix every time you log on — which I know you’re doing regularly.  Let’s be honest.

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Family Sessions: Lancaster, PA The Stoltzfus Family!

It’s Family Session Friday!!  Today we are so excited to share this amazing family that we have grown to love.  Heidi and Dave and their kids are good friends of ours and we couldn’t wait to capture their fun personalities.  They are also both very talented photographers and while it is always nerve wracking to photograph photographers, it is also extremely rewarding.  I think they gave us A LOT of creative leeway so we took it and had a blast creating these awesome fall memories.


PS…Seriously, how FANTASTIC are the outfits Heidi lined up for her family?!  She is the owner of  a high end children’s consignment store in Lancaster that I frequent. She has great taste and I always always always find something for my own kiddos there.    I think she needs to be my personal wardrobe consultant.  She did an amazing job of coordinating them without being too matchy matchy.  LOVE it.

A family poses by a barn in lancaster, PA
A candid fun family Portrait at a barn in Lancaster, PA
Artistic Family portrait, Lancaster, PA
Fall Family Portraits with fall foliage and trees
A husband and wife who love each other.
The family dog cam to this family portrait session.
Inside and old barn in lancaster, PA
Family portraits in a corn field, in Lancaster, PA.
Vintage Family photos outside an old building.
Lancaster, PA Covered bridge with a family posing for a portrait inside.
A candid family portrait of a family walking by a covered bridge in Lancaster, PA.

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Weddings: Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

On nights like this — cold, rainy, sans functioning government — the only thing that can get me out of my funk are weddings.  Thankfully I got to comb through the photos of not just any wedding — tonight I was treated to  Vanessa and Casey’s glorious Philadelphia fete.  When I opened up this catalog I felt like I had fallen into a dream. Vanessa and Casey’s celebration was a modern fairytale, chock full of elegant, timeless details that could easily be featured in the Vanity Fair party pages.  If these pictures are any indication, this gorgeous bride and groom will have a beautiful life together.

Wedding Photos and reception details at the grand ballroom Rittenhouse Hotel, PA
Wedding rings, gold and silver mismatched, photo by Sanderson Images

This dress could have had it’s very own blog post.  All of those stunning details — of course, the dress harkens from Jenny Packham — you know the couture design house that dresses my personal hero The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) — no big deal!

High Fashion Bridal Portrait Rittenhouse hotel in Philadelphia, PA

I love elevator shots!  Everyone looks so excited!

I dare you NOT to smile along at these first look photos — I still have the gleeful grin after seeing these photos for the first time.

A bride and groom enjoy their first look in the streets of philadelphia, PA
Dramatically lit high fashion wedding portraits, rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia

Vogue much?

beautiful close up fashion and makeup makeup bridal portrait in Philadelphia, PA

I know girls — carrying that gorgeous train around is hard work — you earned that teeny tiny break!

The ceremony and reception were both held at the elegant Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia.  Their ceremony was clearly an emotional and love filled affair.

Reading the Ketubah at a Jewish ceremony at rittenhouse hotel, Philadelphia

So much joy!

Jewish wedding ceremony, rittenhouse hotel, PA
a couple gets married in Philadelphia at Rittenhouse hotel, PA
the first kiss, Jewish ceremony

Mom and Dad look so excited!  Who doesn’t love I Do?!

Photojournalistic photos of a rittenhouse hotel wedding ceremony

Vanessa and Casey are clearly classy people.  And if there’s one thing I know about classy people — they love a good party.  Let’s get it started, shall we?

The first dance in the grand ballroom

Eat, drink and be married!

Wedding guests enjoy the music at a wedding reception in the grand ballroom at rittenhouse hotel

Vanessa and Casey — your day was perfect.  Your photos are such a treasure and I’m so glad we got to share them with the internet!

Details of the affair below:

Ceremony and Reception — Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

Florist — Petah Bashano, Broomal, PA

Can’t get enough of John and Kim’s work in Philadelphia?  Check our more of their eastern Pennsylvania shoots here!


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It’s Time for Fall Family Sessions, Lancaster, PA and beyond.

Fall Family Sessions Portrait Sessions in Lancaster, PA are beautiful and fun!

There are a few things that remind us of fall:  tall leather boots, pumpkin spice lattes, and portraits of gorgeous family sessions where everyone is bundled up in sweaters frolicking in the leaves.  So, grab your favorite riding boots, pay your barista a visit and then check out Sanderson Images’ exclusive family sessions packages for those frolic in the leaves photos.   Sanderson Images can provide everything from simple group portraits to stylish lifestyle sessions.  Best of all, if you’re already part of the SI family (i.e. your beauty has been captured before) there’s something extra special for you!

Sessions are available weekdays from October 7 through November 29th.  Saturday sessions are available as well on November 2, 9th, 16th & 30th.

Contact us HERE and we’ll send you all the details including location information.

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