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An amazing birth photography opportunity we could not pass up.

When I step back for a moment and think of the bigger picture of what my life has amounted to, sometimes I am left with a deep and aching gratitude for all of the goodness surrounding me.  I have a healthy family who eat three meals a day and sleep under a strong roof and love one another without condition.  We have the love and support of many family members, both near to us and far, but all just heartbeats away.  We live in this sweet bubble of Lancaster County where the soil is fertile enough to grow many volunteer fruits and veggies without much nurturing.  Our  friendships are deep, meaningful and supportive.  And our job, what we have chosen to support this idyllic life we live, is often filled with these shockingly sweet moments that take my breath away.

When I offered to come and photograph either during or shortly after my good friend’s birth two months ago, I was so excited that they agreed. They were planning on having Leo at Birth Care, a midwifery birth center near my home.  It is a small building  that is comforting and filled with love and strength. It’s the kind of place that almost makes me want to have another baby.  Almost.  There is nothing sweeter than those hours of anticipation, the sweet cry of new life or the look on a parent’s face as they greet this newest piece of themselves.

There was a quietness in the dim room when I arrived and you could just tell that a miracle had just occurred.  Maile had a beautiful glow that  is a mixture of exhaustion, relief, gratefulness and intense love.  I found myself tearing up just watching her watch Leo and Shawn learn each other’s faces.  They had family there all talking in hushed tones and passing Leo around to whisper their hellos. The privilege of being privy to these moments and capturing them for Leo to enjoy later, is not lost on me.



Birth Photography of Leo, in Lancaster, PA


Birth Photo of a newborn being held by his grandpa.

Birth Photography is something I love, so huge thank you to Shawn and Maile, for the honor of including me in these precious moments.  Love you guys so much.  If you would like to hear an amazing account of Leo’s birth from his Daddy’s perspective, please visit Shawn’s great blog post about it.  He is an accomplished author, blogger and biographer in Lancaster, PA.  Be forewarned that you will cry and then you will want to continue reading his blogs and his books until you have swallowed up every morsel.

Do you ever wonder which doctor your doctor goes to?  Or who does your stylist’s hair?  Or who takes a wedding photographer’s wedding photos?  Look no further, friends!  Michael and Sarahwho has no shortage of experience shooting weddings,  chose Sanderson Images to capture their special, a DIY wedding and love filled day.  Before we can dish on the fab details, the beautiful venue and the pretty B+G, let’s swoon over some engagement sessions pics.

Photography by: John + Kimberly

Blog Writer: Lauren Bailey



Engagement Portraits in Lancaster, PA
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Weddings are exactly the way to start the week. Especially weddings where I feel like everyone had the best time ever, because really, aren’t we all just about celebrating love with the people that mean the most to us?  Yes, yes we are.  Laura and Tim’s big day, seemed EXACTLY that — a huge celebration of their love surrounded by the people that mean the most to them in the world.  But as with any good wedding, first we have got to get betrothed!  What better place to highlight true love than the Strasburg Railroad?

Groom portrait at Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA
Engagement photo at Strasburg RR

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June is the most popular month for weddings, according to the Farmer’s Almanac (humor me because my soul is that of a 75 year old farmer, OK?).  The Almanac also reports that August is the second most popular month.  All of this, the almanac, my old farmer soul, summer weddings, is so appropriate for the first post of June:  Ali and Derek’s bewitchingly radiant nuptial celebration at Lauxmont Farms in Lancaster PA.

First comes love, as you remember, so that means first comes engagement sessions!  This adorable one at Manheim Township Pool.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_008

Engagement pictures, Lancaster, PA

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Note from the Wedding photographers: We love our Charlottesville Weddings, this is where it all began for us. We also love this family more than we can express. They are an amazing and important part of the history of our business. To continually work for them and call them friends is the ultimate compliment to our business. The wedding was stunning, fashionable and extremely fun.  Pippin Hill Vineyards is the ultimate place for a wedding, a beautiful American landscape, surrounded by Blue Ridge Mountains and farms. You can’t beat it. Get married here… and don’t forget to invite us! Back to Lauren.


Laurens notes:

Nothing says “Welcome” to a brand new year like amazingly perfect weddings.   Kendayl and Mike are beautiful people inside and out {as evidenced by the photographs below}.  I know this because Kendayl is the sister of one of my very best friends, Hilary who is one of first members of the Sanderson Images family.  Mike, I obviously met through Kendayl, and he is one of the most sincere and gentle men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

Let’s kick off 2014 right, shall we?

I dare any of you to not sing “I’m on a boat!” during the rest of these summertime photos.

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