About Us.


We met near Aspen Colorado in College where we studied photography. We moved to the East coast to pursue our love for photography and start a career capturing moments for amazing people. Our work is unique because we both have very different shooting styles and visions for every job which creates a interesting story from two completely unique perspectives. John has a dramatic artsy edge to his work while Kimberly thrives on moments and details.  Our imagery has won numerous awards and has been featured on many editorial wedding blogs and magazines, our work been described as one of a kind and truly artistic.  We live with our family in Lancaster, PA on what we call the “Sanderfarm”, where we enjoy spending time with our 3 wonderful kids, gardening, raising chickens and making Pure Pennsylvania Maple syrup. We travel often to many unique venues and locations across America, serving are broad range of clientele.

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Photos By our good friends Carl Zoch and Davina Fear.

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