About Us.


Hidden away in Lancaster County, PA, is a small piece of paradise that John and Kim affectionately refer to as the #Sanderfarm. When they’re not editing your wedding photographs, they’re busy spending time with their three beautiful children, a sheepadoodle and labradoodle,  tending their garden, raising chickens, and making pure Pennsylvania Maple Syrup.

But they haven’t always lived in Pennsylvania. John and Kim actually met near Aspen Colorado while studying photography in college. After they were married, they moved to the East coast to pursue their love for photography and start a career capturing unique images for wonderful people.

Their work is unique, and they both bring a broad range of experience to their wedding photography. John loved portraits has a dramatic, artsy edge to his work, while Kim love photojournalism and thrives on capturing poignant moments and previously unnoticed details.

Their award-winning experience means they travel often to many unique destinations serving a broad range of clients. They’ve done destination weddings, barn weddings, vineyard weddings, and weddings for people of all different religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Their years of experience mean there are few situations they haven’t faced, and they pull from this long history to capture stunning images.

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Photos By our good friends Carl Zoch and Davina Fear.

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