Family Sessions: The Chandlers

My brother and I are very close.  Now that he and I are both married with families of our own, I cherish the photos of our family when we were young.  I can grab them from boxes and look back to those carefree times of pretend, bathed in the love of our parents in the soft light of our beautiful brick home.  That’s why I’m so happy to lay eyes on the Chandler family photos.  I cannot wait for you to see this warm, bright collection that I am certain the youngest Chandlers will be so grateful to have as they grow.

Portrait of a baby lying on a bed with wide open eyes wearing a pink outfit

I just adore the new born baby surprised face.  It’s the best ever. two family portraits in Lancaster, PA of a a family in their new home welcoming a new child home. Portrait in Lancaster of a new big brother kissing his baby sister

If there’s one person that read this post that didn’t sigh in delight at brother kissing baby’s head they are buying me dinner.  For a year.

Family photos in Lancaster PA of sibling sitting on a couch with a new baby sister.

These sweet sibling pictures are literal treasures.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that the Chandlers have them! A Family lifestyle portrait of a big sister holding a newborn baby child and kissing his head A child Two candid family lifestyle photos of the chandler family, image one is of baby feet Image two is of a boy and a girl playing with toys in the hallway of their home. Lifestyle Family portraits taken By Sanderson Images of a baby from Lancaster, PA on a couch sleeping face down in the crook of her arm

I hope you enjoyed the Chandlers as much as I did!  I’m going to call every set of friends we have with children asking if their kids need a snuggle or a play date after going through these images again.

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