1st Place, TRA recipe contest!

Kim and I were psyched to learn that we won Doug Boutwell’s “Totally Rad Action Recipe Contest”. The objective here was to create a recipe using multiple Totally Rad Photoshop Actions created By Doug Boutwell. We purchased these actions awhile ago from the TRA Web site and can honestly say they have played a huge role in our post image processing style and artistic vision.

1st place.

For you photographers reading this, here is the TRA recipe we submitted: You can see above what this action recipe can really do to, well exposed, nicely composed.. photos.

* TRA – Bitchin B&W (as is, no changes.) (If wanting image to be B&W)
* Special action I made called “Buttery” (see below) made up of exclusively TRA actions:
* Very Mild B&W texture added for grain.
* Serve warm straight from the oven.

“Buttery” Recipe.

1. Oh Snap (as is, no changes.)
2. SX-70 with layer set to 45% opacity.
3. Cinnamon toast with layer set to 47% opacity.
4. Boutwell Magic Glasses (as is, no changes.)

So get this, we won an awesome web site package from a cool web company that works with photographers called Into The Dark Room – [ITDR] We won their Dream package and are excited to see what we can do with it. So stay tuned.. changes are a coming.

Major congrats to the other ridiculously talented winners:
2nd Place – Teri Fode, Sacramento, CA
3rd Place – Christine Berry, Huntsville, AL

Of course the AWESOME photo above was taken by the AMAZING and adorable Kimberly Sanderson, chef de post process John Sanderson made the TRA recipe and a MAJOR thanks to the BEAUTIFUL clients featured in the photo Lola and Boladji.

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