And the winner of the Surprise Ridiculously Awesome “Artistic” Photo Contest Beta is….

Brian Hancock of Brian Hancock: Photographers

Brian’s Comments: “The pic is of my favorite breakfast joint. I liked the way the sun was falling as I looked up so I wanted to grab the sun and just the edge of the sign. I used the CameraBag iPhone app to take it with. I believe it was on the Magazine setting”.

John’s Comments: “Brilliantly composed, Excellent colors. Perfect editing. I can see Brians whole childhood in this photo”.

Kimberly’s Comments: “Simple yet intriguing, love the composition. Loving the contrast between the Sun, sky and old Neon”.


Thanks to all of the phone Photographers for their submissions! We received over 25 excellent photos to choose from. The above photos we thought deserved Honorable Mentions specifically for their artistic qualities and clear intent to set out and take an artistic photo! Our favorite part about the above photos is that some are taken by Pro photographers, regular people and even a chicken farmer (which barely missed 1st place)! This should encourage all of you to join in next time! So Congratulations Honorables! You guys get to walk about the streets today feeling like winners too!

If you are wondering why and how the above entries were able to edit their photos in camera let me suggest some of the following iphone apps.

Photo fx

Stay tuned for our next Surprise Ridiculously Awesome Photo Contest! Announced on Twitter!

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