Announcing new Sanderson Images suprise Ridiculously Awesome Photo Contests. BETA Version “Artistic”

Mt Princeton (Iphone)

Welcome to the first installment of our Sanderson Images Ridiculously Awesome 24 hour Photo Contest. Our Goal.. to see some Ridiculously Awesome photos choose a favorite and cool the winner off in the hot summer sun with olive branches, feed them ripened fruits and garnish the winners feet with Ridiculously Awesome stuff. Ok so maybe not so much Greek goddess treatment but Ridiculously Awesome stuff is up for grabs on a bimonthly basis.

To start we begin our Ridiculously Awesome Photo Contest with the most subjective competition possible, “most artistic”. Ahh if only your opinion mattered. Doing the Judging will be Myself (John) an enjoyer of the blurry hard to understand ripe with meaning arts. Also judging the stunningly beautiful (Kimberly) a more down to earth judge, enjoyer of the more technical quality and style arts.

All are encouraged to enter the photo contest, Photographers, Friends, Family, clients.

How to submit photos:

1) Own a phone with a camera.
2) Take a photo with that camera between the hours of: 7:30pm July 19 and 7:30pm on July 20th TODAY!
3)Submit 1 photo to the service Twitpic and “Twitter it” with the username @sandersonimages or upload it to our Facebook fan page Here.
4) Win Ridiculously Awesome Stuff
5) Repeat. All contests begin like thief in the night without notice on Twitter under the user @sandersonimages so if you want to be notified you must become a follower of @sandersonimages and pay attention.

Whats up for grabs?
July 20th 2009, RAPC Beta.. 11×14 Gallery Wrapped Canvas with image of choice. Winner may submit any file of theirs to be printed (if you are a client of Sanderson Images you may choose a photo of ours).

Future contests we will be giving away more canvas’, Exhibition prints, Itunes Gift cards, gift certificates and more.

As many of you know already Kimberly and I have acquired a pretty ridiculously awesome printer. The plan here was to start creating some ridiculously awesome Prints. Naturally. However ridiculously awesome printers are quite expensive and BEG to be used.. So in the interest of keeping this bad boy running we plan to offer its services to Professionals seeking 1 on 1 high end Exhibition quality printing services. So if you are a professional photographer looking to have some Gallery Wrapped canvas’ made or perhaps want to print your photos on higher quality paper (dozens of paper types and textures available) for exhibition, sale or display contact us at Prices are affordable and turn around is usually less than a week.

Its ok, be ridiculously awesome.




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