Family Day at the Philadelphia “Please Touch Children’s Museum”.


Today was a Family Day (!), which is actually a rare occurrence on a Saturday. We decided to visit the Please Touch Children’s Museum in Philadelphia. The place was an insane mob, pandemonium everywhere, a total nightmare… for adults. The kids however could care less. We decided to let them wear these cool new capes Grandma got them for Christmas this year, which made it so much easier to find them in the sea of children. This place was totally fun, lots of exhibits and stuff for the kids to enjoy. We are a little disappointed about some of the obviously corporately sponsored exhibits like McDonalds, can anybody tell me what a kid can learn at a fake McDonalds? On the bright side the fake food appeared to be a little bit healthier despite the one billion kids (and their germs) whom I’m sure pretended to eat them.

I totally recommend the place, just don’t go on Saturday.


Noah, you’re a smarty but you can’t talk your way out of time out.

At the end of the day we stole an idea from my amazing sister (who is a superMommy!) and we all made a family art puzzle. Can you guess whose piece is whose?


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