Fast forward 15 years. Thank goodness you LOVE your wedding album.

Close your eyes. Get comfortable. Breathe deeply.

Now fast forward 15 years. It’s late, you just finished preparing your adorable 7 year old daughter for bed and now the two of you are snuggling on the old sofa you thought would last your entire marriage. You were wrong, the couch is being replaced as soon as your 3 year old son stops drawing on everything he sees, thankfully he’s in bed already. But you and your baby girl are snuggled close not in the mood to go to bed, just breathing each other in with little squeezes and small talk. Out pops the question. “Mommy, what was your wedding like?” Which is funny, you’ve spoken about it before, in fact you talk about it all the time, but tonight she’s taken an interest, she really wants to know. I guess she’s getting older, she likes to pretend to marry her daddy and I suppose the concept of getting married to the love of your life is coming together for her. Enter:Big Friggin Sanderson Images Couture Book Album. [Que noise of something huge hitting the ground]


It’s on the shelf, in a protective case, still as beautiful as the day you got it. A 10×13, 300 page wedding album created for you by your wedding photographers John + Kimberly Sanderson. It’s big, you share laps just to wander through it, every page a memory for you, and an experience for her. The both of you are whisked away to the most memorable day of your lives: the beginning of your family. You spend almost an hour flipping through the pages, reliving moments explaining your tears of joy. It’s at this moment the thought hits you, you almost got just a regular wedding album. The one that only held maybe 70 of your favorite images, most of them designed into it as small little accents, an album that would have ended this snuggle time much sooner. But then you saw an example of the album you are flipping through now and you knew, it had to be yours. An album so engaging you could barely take it all in in one sitting, an experience in itself. A priceless book of memories, a priceless decision.



Hey everyone, sorry about the tear-jerker above but we always suggest people look at their album with this perspective. We thought it would be a good way to introduce you to our new style of albums. They are called “Couture Books” They are beautifully made, hand crafted albums with lots of different sizes and cover options. PLUS any Couture Book with 100 pages or more includes a High Res DVD of all the image files from your experience with us. We encourage you to check out their web site here to take in all the different options. We are so excited about these books and hope you consider snatching one up.. Do it for the children!

The above album is a NYC-Hampton, 10×13 with 200 pages.

Ready. Set. Go.

* Also, Big Friggin Sanderson Images Logo will NOT be featured on the side of your album, that’s just fancy stuff for our sample albums.

*The cute little basket in the above picture is the fine art creation of rachel a. chambers.. Check out more of her work here.

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