Fatherhood… It’s ultimate.

A long time ago it was hard to imagine being a father, now I can’t imagine it any other way. I feel ridiculously blessed by my children and particularly challenged to be the best father I can to them. 1st off, let me point out that I have no idea how to do this, but as I stumble through these years in what feels to me a reckless attempt at providing with a selfish plan to stay at home with them, I can’t help but feel an overpowering sense of joy and accomplishment as we pass each milestone.

“Fatherhood” it’s a mystical and curious thing to me, I feel convicted by the term, and not only just to be one to my children. I believe that as a man I am responsible to be a father figure to all the children I come across.. especially boys. Boys need their dads, every decision I make as a dad gets sent through the “what would my dad have done filter” in my mind. Its amazing to me what he was able to accomplish with my sisters and I, my mind is filled with moments when my dad helped define us, I think about them everyday. Its crazy to finally walk in his shoe…God was I oblivious to his love and sacrifices. I did notice some things though, I always noticed his strength, his work, his humor and his intelligence. I hope that even though I may spend my days photographing girls in white dresses, that my sons will somehow experience the same thing… especially the pride.

Boys need this… not all boys have fathers though. This is painfully sad to me and has helped me realize that as a man, we have a responsibility to all boys to be a “father figure”. Men, if you have children.. or not. Think about the children in your life, odds are there are quite a few. Take notice of them, because they take notice of you. Give them a good filter by which to guide them through what looks like a challenging future for our kiddos. Sounds hard… but it’s ultimate.




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