Introducing Our All New “Happily Ever After Sessions”


Ok, so, everybody knows the party is over after the the big wedding day. Or is it? Truth be told, many moms will say that things only got better after the wedding, especially when children enter the picture. Kimberly and I often find ourselves telling people that we were so clueless before we had kids. Having kids completed who we are as a couple and to think back John and Kim Before Kids (BK) is almost silly. So if life gets better, more fun after the wedding why is there no party? No fuss? No dresses, no flowers, what happened to the “bride”? Did she exist only for one day, only to wake up the next day right to be back to her original self?

The truth is, that bride is still there. She’s not hiding, people still adore her but you just can’t have a wedding everyday, can you? Enter: Your “Happily Ever After” Session. A session we created to bring that bride back out into the open, fuss over her a bit, give her flowers, put her in a dress, and capture what everybody had hoped on her wedding day, that she would live happily ever after as a beautiful and loved bride.

For these sessions we do a lot of planning, much like a wedding. Anything (or any idea) goes. Our new stylist will help you find the right outfits, makeup and props. We work together to create a theme/concept and a location for the shoot. When it all comes together we take pictures of every family member and every loving combo possible, in a style that represents who your family is and captures the heart of who you have become. An emphasis is also made in capturing photos of how it all get started, love between the bride and groom. These pictures will be completely unique, it not just a cookie cutter photography session.

Some ideas to think about are: Sports family, Road trip, Date Night, Musical, or whatever brings your family together.

The sessions below had two different concepts. The first session is fashionable session with the idea of giving Mommy some gifts and making her feel special. The 2nd session we planned with a Vintage theme. I hope you enjoy them.

The Weaver Family Happily Ever After…










Happily Ever After

The Miller Family’s Vintage Happily Ever After…












If you would like to learn more about these types of sessions please contact us to set up a meeting or phonecall!

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