Megan and Jake are Pregnant! Yay!

Ok, so some of you may remember Megan and Jake. We have been through a lot with them.
First the Engagement.
Then the Marriage.
Now a pregnancy.

We just love these guys and are always really excited when they tell us they want some pictures taken. Megan and Jake and soon to come Maisie have been really good at keeping in touch and embody the type of relationship we see with all of our clients. We truly wish them the best and can’t wait to get some pics of that cute little baby.

Our concept here is to capture the beauty of not only Megan’s pregnancy but the beauty of their life and family and home. These are memories, a time in their lives they will cherish and seek to remember and a peek into what Mommy looked like when baby was just a bun in the oven.

We love this type of portraiture and we think you will too. We can apply this photographic perspective to almost any part of life. Engagement, maternity, baby, child and so on. We want capture life the way it is and we won’t ask you to say cheese.

Cli ck below to view a slideshow.

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