Pickin Strawberries.

So Kimberly and I have been crazy busy this spring. So many weddings its not even funny. Almost half of our weddings for 2010 were in the past 3 months. Part of the challenge of being really busy married wedding photographers is not ignoring your kids, giving them a wholesome life experience yet still giving our clients the services they expect. So we take turns most of the time*, one of us works the other gets to spend the day with the kids. On this particular occasion I (John) got to take the kiddos strawberry pickin’, an essential childhood experience (pickin’ anything really). We want to teach the kids about real food, we want them to know that the best food comes from the work of your own hands and that the best people to enjoy real food with is the people you call family (whoever that may be in your life).¬† Strawberries are real food, pickin strawberries with family is love, making jelly is good work and eating everything you can make from a strawberry with family is pure joy. As a Father, for me its, about giving my children a taste of heaven, I hope they got it. That picture of the three of them above, standing together in the field is about the most awesome thing I have ever photographed, an amazing fathers day present the kids gave me without knowing it. I try to show them heaven and they always show it to me.

(I need to give credit where credit is due.. the kids and I were lounging around the house (kinda whiny) when Kimberly said “Why don’t you go pick some strawberries?”. So if the kids saw anything of heaven it was because of their good momma.)

* Of course, if we get anything done it is usually because of the amazing people who watch our kids when we need them to.




  • Erin Galindo

    Beautiful images and beautiful children. I love what you wrote! Your kids will remember these things and look back with fondness. Nothing better then creating memories.

  • wonderful! reminds me of picking strawberries in Florida when I was younger. beautiful subjects and tones.

  • carolyn murray wise

    Great shots and notes, beautiful! If i remember it was one of Kimberly’s past Father’s Day blogs that I found, made me cry and decide you were the photographers I wanted to meet! Happy Father’s Day John!

  • Great images! I’m so glad you had a great fathers day.

  • Katie

    I want you to send me copies of these photos…and I want the sanderson kids I love so much to stay this age forever. Miss you guys!

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