Sandersons 101

It has come to our attention recently that our new clients and our soon to be clients don’t know very much about us. We have gotten a few emails that make us feel like we are giving out a large company/corporate feel. That took us aback a bit and we realize that although we send our clients getting to know you sheets and make an effort to learn about you before your big day…we don’t extend you the same courtesy about us! Soooo… we are starting a new section called Sandersons 101 that we will try to update frequently since we would like you to get to know us as much as we would love to know you!

First Installment written by Kimberly:

We are a family of 5 and we live in Lancaster, PA. We live on a road that consists mainly of us, my sister (yay!!), our brother-in-law’s family, and a bunch of amazing Amish folks. Yep, we are surrounded by farms and all the lovely smells that come with them. We have lived here for about a year and we love it so far. Many of the photos below were taken today on the street that we live…that will give you all a visual placement of our home.

John and I run the business by ourselves and also run the household by ourselves. By that I mean, we don’t have secretaries and nanny’s and cleaning people. It’s just us and that is the way we love it right now. We may be getting an intern or two soon and we will welcome them into our little chaotic lives with open arms.

Our kiddos are an amazing part of what makes up John and I. They shape who we are and teach us a little something about life everyday. They are what always comes first, what we live for, who we can’t wait to see in the morning, what keeps us awake at night (in more ways than one!) and what keeps us giggling during the day. This first blog post will be mainly about them….stay tuned for more about John+Kimberly in a future post.

Meet Lillianna: She is beautiful, stubborn, feisty, silly, and girly. She loves pink, her “lovies“, painting, and cuddling. She can’t get enough of her Daddy and she loves to oppose Mommy. She is a firecracker and has a quick temper. She also recovers well and is quick to apologize. She loves to tell jokes and be goofy. We love every inch of this girl. Lillianna is 2.


Meet Noah: Noah is joy and energy all bundled up into one super cute little package. He is always happy and always trying to make others around him happy. He is a terrible sleeper and has quite the sweet tooth. Red peppers are his favorite food. Every morning he makes his Daddy a cup of coffee and is so super proud. He is crazy smart and is already starting to read a little. We pray with him for patience a LOT! Noah is 4.


Meet Gabriel: Gabriel is sweet and sensitive. If you are his friend, you are his friend for life…he is loyal through and through. He is a perfectionist and an incredible reader. He is one of the tallest in his class. Gabriel is protective of his brother and sister and loves to “explain” things to them they haven’t yet experienced. He loves playing outside and considers himself “so super fast!” Gabriel loves science and space and anything that flies. He is a miniature John. Gabriel is 6.


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