Shout Out: Shawn Reeder: If you don’t know him, you should.


Name: Shawn Reeder
Occupation: Landscape/wedding photographer
Location: Bishop, CA (Near Yosemite National Park)
Blog-site/music sales:
Online photo sales site:

Why he is cool:
Shawn lives a simple life surrounded by the outdoors and spends more time outside than inside. His lifestyle is respectful to nature and honors the wilderness with everything he does. To make things even more exciting he always has a camera and he captures the world wherever he goes. You should go check out his work (if you need wall art….we highly recommend his landscapes!) and if you want to get to know somebody worthwhile you should drop him a note to say hi.. he’d be totally into that. In addition to spending time outside taking amazing photos, he spends his indoor time making awesome and inspiring music for corporate and royalty free use which is very popular among photographers for slideshows. His music site features other talented artists as well. Shawn, like us, pays the bills with wedding and portrait photography.

How we met:
We were first introduced to Shawn through the Pictage User Forums, an excellent resource for photographers. As anybody who meets Shawn does, we became very intrigued by his work, his gentle nature, his encouragement for those around him and his obvious caring attitude. This December he came out to MD to visit his parents and during that time, he came up to Lancaster for an entire day to hang out with us. We really enjoyed having him up here and we look forward to spending much more time with him in the future.

Get to know him! In Shawn, we have found a great friendship, a talented peer always ready to talk, whether it be about business or just life in general, and a gentle soul who will most definitely lift your spirits!

Here is some of his recent landscape work:






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