Thank you strasburg for a great opening!


Our open house yesterday was a great success! Much thanks to everyone who came. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and are excited to work with some new people!

Many people won some fancy stuff.

We are, however, still waiting to award the first person to bring in an electric guitar, the 1st person travel here from out of state, and of course anybody with a bow-tie deserves something special too.

These fellers won most cameras and best trick…(that was the much anticipated Snuggie! Enjoy, Anton!) (Daniel, on the left, also won 1st photographer and a Baby Session for bringing the first child under 12 months. He made out like a bandit!)

Of course the runner-up defied physics with the ability to attract balloons, yes, that thing is clinging to her head.


Que- “Dancing With Myself” – Billy Idol. Although it WAS a stunning dance by the water cooler and made us all giggle hysterically, we deemed that it wasn’t exactly a trick, but we adore him for trying. Although he did not earn his pink Snuggie…he was the winner of the drawing for a Happily Ever After Session!! Yay Jeff! Can’t wait to photograph your amazing family!


There may or may not have been a little wine involved, or at least we found a way to make it involved.


There was also lots of candy and flavored caffeinated coffee beverages, both a big hit!


Petals & Beans of Strasburg provided some excellent arrangements too.

All in all, it was an exceptional day in the life of Sanderson Images and we thank everyone who came to enjoy it with us!

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