Today is World Down Syndrome Day.


Today is World Down Syndrome Day. The number 21 is synonymous with Down Syndrome signifying the triplication of the 21st chromosome. John and I wanted to recognize it by introducing you to someone special in our lives. Meet our nephew: Lucas Henry!


He is possibly one of the cutest, most content, lovely little boys that you will ever have a chance to meet. Lucas was born last year with Down Syndrome. Up until this point in our lives that we have been deprived of the pleasure of spending a significant amount of time around people with Down Syndrome. Since Lucas was born, our family has grown in education, grown in compassion, grown in self respect, grown in happiness, grown in self awareness, and best of all grown in love. These are some photos John took of little Lucas when he was just a few days old:





The photos above were taken by John’s sister, Erin Galindo, Check out more of her photography here:

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