Trip to Florida.

Great Egrit

So we took a trip this Fall to Florida for Keri and Sams Wedding. A Small intimate wedding in Miami. We took the whole family down for a little R&R after the wedding and decided to spend most of our time on the Beach. We learned quickly that the kids love the beach, instead of going to Disney World and other Florida attractions.. sand and water as all we needed for a really fun Vacation.

For many of you this is the first post you have ever read that focus a bit on our family. I’ll call these “life Posts”, consider them a bit of insight into our family. We want you to get to know us and witness exactly what makes us tick. Keep yourself coming back for more and feel free to comment.

When Big Brothers attack!




It is important to mention that the images captured above were taken using the Fuji Finepix F30 Digital point and shoot camera. This is the best Point and shoot camera ever, click on the camera to see a review.


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