Welcome Lauren! Blogging season is here.

We’re back and our blogging season has once again returned. As many of you know we are hard at work each summer capturing events and creating wonderful products for our clients. In addition to this, we try our very very best to balance photo-life with our family, friends and homeschooling our kids. So it’s not that crazy that we haven’t updated the blog in awhile, right???   Ok, fine, we’re looong overdue to share a ton of wonderful images captured recently and to help us, (drumroll please…..) please meet our friend Lauren.

Lauren is our new blogging assistant and contributor, she will be a huge part of our new strategy to get more images out there for everyone to enjoy. She will, in so many very wonderful ways, do the work we just haven’t been able to achieve with our wild schedules traveling for events and teaching the kids about exoskeletons or some other crazy, wonderful thing. We’re SO excited to introduce you to her! A former wedding client, turned amazing friend, she is funny, kind, generous, an amazing athlete (seriously…check out her latest blog!!  How is that for goal setting?!?!  Yeah, she’s the bomb diggity.  You heard it here first people!)  and possibly one of the best bloggers we know out there. Her personality fits in perfectly here and we hope you enjoy her writing and comments about the work we are presenting as much as we do!!

A few months ago we had another opportunity to photograph Lauren and her husband Mark at Central Market in Downtown Lancaster and Lancaster County park. Enjoy the photos and please join us in welcoming Lauren to our team!!

Hi SI readers and fans!!  I cannot wait to proliferate John and Kim’s art on their beautiful blog!  I’m a firm believer that the best way to hold onto precious moments in our lives, other than experiencing them in authentic way,  is to capture them.  My family has had Sanderson Images with us to create art that truly captures the love and excitement of so many special times in our lives.  I’m deeply honored to be able to share YOUR love captured in John and Kim’s photographs as part of their crazy awesome creative process.  Please stop back often as we have a ton of memories created that are just begging to be shared.




Portrait session in Lancaster, PA Central Market Portrait Session at Lancaster County Park

Lancaster, PA wedding and Portrait Photo

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