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Outdoor weddings are literally one of my favorite things in the whole entire world.  There is so much happiness, love, tasty things to eat, family, did I mention tasty things to eat?  There is no better way to relive all of this magic than through wonderful pictures.  Like the ones we see below of Jamie and Brian.    First, their engagement session which is equal parts adorable, loving and beautiful.

Author: Lauren Bailey
Outdoor weddings engagement pictures Outdoor weddings engagement pictures Outdoor weddings engagement pictures

Well that was lovely.  Onto the big day, now, shall we?



Jamie is a girl after my own heart — their day was full of beautiful details that emulated the couple — where they met {James Madison University} what they love {good wine} and the fun that they plan to have at the wedding and for life!

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

100 years ago when I got married they didn’t’ have these cute hangers.  Now they do.  And I love them. Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

Brides and grooms ahead!

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

Well, too bad they didn’t have a cloudless beautiful day with sweeping vistas and perfect light.

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images
Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

The photos made me gasp audibly.  The contrast in her bouquet to the field, and her gorgeous, unique dress are too beautiful.

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images
Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

I actually might print this to hang in my house.  It is so perfect.

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

I love the way that Brian is looking at Jamie.  He is so happy!
Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images

As you can see there were a lot of personal details on hand for the wedding.  Jamie and Brian were married under a chupa, the cover was made from Jamie’s mother’s wedding dress.  Swoon.

Outdoor weddings Sanderson Images Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_039 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_040 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_041 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_042

I’m in love with this set up!  Everyone has the best seat in the house!

Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_043 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_044 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_045 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_046 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_047
Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_049 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_050 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_051 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_052

Find John and Kim a cute barn door and they will make magic for you!

Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_053 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_054

Let’s get down to the party!!

How cute is this guest book!
Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_059 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_060 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_064 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_067 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_068 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_080 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_081

Grandfathers in hats?  Yes please! Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_082 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_083 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_084 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_085 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_086 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_087

The  trend of pies at weddings is one that I wish would spill over to every day life.  Like pies at meetings, pies at the gym, etc.

Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_088 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_089 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_090


Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_091 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_092 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_093 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_094 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_095

Prepare yourself for one of the best sparkler exits ever!  I think everyone should consider outdoor weddings for this very reason!  Look at these pictures! Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_096 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_097 Kings_Family_Vineyard_wedding_photography_Charlottesville_VA_098


Venue — Kings Family Vineyards

Caterer — A Pimento Catering

Event coordination and floral — Amore Events by Cody

DJ — DJ Tobler

A note from the Photographers:

Blogging season has returned and we’re so excited to share lots of weddings from 2014 with you guys. We know you guys want to see more images from us and thank you for your patience while we worked through the wedding season to give our clients their images. 2014 was amazing on so many levels, probably one of our best years yet. We hope you enjoy!

Cheers, John + Kimberly

Author: Lauren Bailey

Today is the coldest day so far this winter in my little slice of the planet.  If you’re feeling any chill in the air, you’ll want to grab a blanket, some hot chocolate with marshmallows and cozy up to some beautiful Sanderson Images weddings — guaranteed to fight the winter cold and give you all the warm fuzzies!  Especially this fete at Lauxmont Farms in Lancaster, PA.  Sheri and Nicholas described their wedding as a summery, whimsical vintage wedding — sentiments that I think perfectly capture the beauty and love of their special day.

Shall we?

Bridal gown and wedding shoes on display.



Butera bridal Boquet.

Bride puts on makeup Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_004

I love these shots of Sheri!  I’m espeically obsessed with her wedding dress — that half skirt underneath the gown is brilliant!  Gorgeous yet functional! {for the all the dancing and fun later!}

Bride Getting ready at her home in York, PA Bride receives a gift. Groomsmen getting ready at church Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_008

I love a happy dude in a bow tie.  Nicholas certainly does not disappoint!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_009 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_010 Wedding gifts for bride and groom Groom portrait York, PA Bride about to enter  St Joseph

I love this next shot for two reasons.  First, there is nothing better than a groom seeing the bride for the first time.  Second, I love that the priest is definitely like hold up, homegirl looks amazing — let’s all agree on that.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_015 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_016 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_017 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_018 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_019 Weddings at  St Joseph Wedding at  St Joseph Wedding at  St Joseph

I’m a sucker for a good bubble exit — so classy and fun!

Bubble at  St Joseph Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_024 Bridesmaid and flowers by but era

Is it just me or does this bridal party shot belong in the Spring JCrew weddings catalog?

Bridal Party at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_027 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_028 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_029 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_030 Bridal Party at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Bridal Party at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Bridal Party at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_034

John and Kim sure know how to work a girl’s cathedral length veil for portraits that is for sure!

Bride and groom portraits at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Bride and groom portraits at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Bride and groom portraits at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Bride and groom portraits at Lauxmont farms, Japanese garden Bride and groom portraits, Lancaster PA Bride and groom portraits, Lancaster PA Bride and groom portraits, Lancaster PA Bride and groom portraits, Lancaster PA Bridal Portrait portraits, Lancaster PA Bridal Portrait portraits, Lancaster PA Bridal Portrait portraits, Lancaster PA

When I first looked at these portraits my first thought was thank GOODNESS I don’t have to pick the perfect shots to go in the album because they are all perfect and the album would be eight million pages.

Lauxmont farms wedding, york, PA Lauxmont farms wedding, york, PA Lauxmont farms wedding, york, PA Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_049 Lauxmont farms wedding, york, PA Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_051

Sheri and Nicholas describe their style as classic and outdoorsy.  They love to hike, golf and be outside together.  They tied their love of all things outdoors with perfect refinement in their reception decor.

Lauxmont farms wedding, Lancaster, PA Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_053 Lauxmont farms wedding, Lancaster, PA

OMG.  The more outdoor functions with classy couches at them, the better, am I right?

Details of Lauxmont farms wedding, Lancaster, PA Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_056 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_057 First dance, sanderson Images Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_059 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_060
Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_062 Reception at Lauxmont farms Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_064 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_065

Sheri and Nicholas described their relationship as fun — they like acting like kids together.  They also echoed the desire for their guests to have as much fun as possible on their special day — I think they nailed it.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_067 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_068 Cake cutting Reception at Lauxmont farms Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_070 Reception at Lauxmont farms

Yeah, see.  All the fun!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_072 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_073 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_074

Wait, hold on.  Did her dress turn into another dress?  This is amazing.


Up they go! Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_076 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_077 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Lauxmont_Farms_sanderson_images_078 dancing Reception at Lauxmont farms Reception tent at Lauxmont farms

Sheri and Nicholas — congratulations on your beautiful wedding.  If the photos of your joyous day are any indication, I think you’re in for a lifetime of fun and love.


Ceremony — St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Florist — Laura Kohr

Reception — Lauxmont Farms

Decorating and design – Betsy Kohr

Makeup – Mary K Engle

Caterer — Accomac Catering 

DJ — Occasions 



Now is the time to schedule Family Sessions:  a Mini session or a Modern session just in time for Holiday cards! Availability is limited — contact us soon!

What is a mini session? It’s a simple and fast portrait session sometimes with a theme that takes about 20-30 minutes.  Focus is on the family unit and pretty family pictures — some candid, some posed.  Upcoming Mini session dates and locations are below.  Please contact us for details or to schedule.

Mini Session Dates:
November 22nd, Lancaster, PA (styled holiday theme)
November 29th, Providence, RI

You can also book your Modern sessions, our full-service sessions, now!  We are able to accommodate the Modern session any time during the week, please contact us for availability! So, what do you get with a Modern session? A well-planned family photo shoot in the location of your choice that focuses on not only the family but individuals and relationships within the family. Modern sessions offer significantly more images and a wider variety of imagery to choose from, all shot in a unique location. These sessions can also be custom styled if we chat about it in advance.

Check out some of our amazing clients in their recent Modern and Mini sessions.  Can’t wait to hear from you so we can set up your session!!

Family Photos, Lancaster PA

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We get so excited when clients pop back into our email inbox to share with us their continuing love and the growth of their families. Carolyn and Mark hired us to do their wedding photography at  Radnor Hunt Club, in Malvern PA back in 2010! Recently we were thrilled to see them contact us again about doing two sessions. The first is what we call a Homestyle Session, a session where we visit our clients homes and attempt to capture a bit of their lives and moments with a new child in the house, before you know it this time in your life has moved on to cute little toddlers destroying the house and then to a teenager who needs $20 and the car keys!!  So we captured some of it for them! The 2nd session was a Modern Family Session, which is basically fun family portraits at the Tyler Arboretum! I’m sure you will agree that their new child is adorable! We’re so excited to know clients for so long and to have opportunities like this! You can check out their wedding photography here!


Portrait session in the home of Carolyn + Mark


Lifestyle family portraits in the living room of Carolyn + Mark.



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Two years ago, Time Magazine validated something most living and breathing humans already knew — baby fever is real .  It can strike at any time — especially when you least expect it:  on the train, trolling Pinterest or stopping by your favorite photography blog.  If you’re particularly susceptible to the fever, beware, the Borger Family is going to send you into a full blown fever pitch with these family portraits.

Borger Family Portraits

As it turns out these family portraits make my heart even more happy than the other family portraits do because Marc and Marcy Borger are two of my dearest friends.  In fact, Marcy is my big sister in my sorority and, when I first relocated from PA, I lived with the Borgers for six weeks — so essentially all the amazing parenting you see here is a direct result of them keeping me alive that summer in 2006.

But back to the family in the portraits!

McKenna — their sweet little girl — and George, their newest addition are two of my favorite children on earth.  The Borgers are a laid back, warm and loving family which is so evident in those photos.

Borger Family Portraits

Yoda hat — that Marcy most likely crocheted — I die.
Borger Family Portraits
Borger Family Portraits
Borger Family Portraits

Marcy is an amazing and dynamic woman.  She’s also one of the best mothers I know.  I just adore these sweet moments.  How lovely to have such perfect family portraits to remember a time when the children were so little.
Borger Family Portraits
Borger Family Portraits

Gah!  Theses sibling photos are beyond perfect!

Hi you!
Borger Family Portraits
Borger Family Portraits
Borger Family Portraits

There’s something so sweet about men and their children.  I know for sure that George’s arrival was long anticipated by Marc and I can assure the whole internet that George is a very lucky little guy to have such an amazing father.
Borger Family Portraits

Ladybug, you gorgeous pooch, you — looking good with the Borger boys!

I can’t wait to have our family portraits snapped this fall!  Thanks and love to the Borgers for sharing their family with us!


N a v i g a t e