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Brian Hancock of Brian Hancock: Photographers

Brian’s Comments: “The pic is of my favorite breakfast joint. I liked the way the sun was falling as I looked up so I wanted to grab the sun and just the edge of the sign. I used the CameraBag iPhone app to take it with. I believe it was on the Magazine setting”.

John’s Comments: “Brilliantly composed, Excellent colors. Perfect editing. I can see Brians whole childhood in this photo”.

Kimberly’s Comments: “Simple yet intriguing, love the composition. Loving the contrast between the Sun, sky and old Neon”.


Thanks to all of the phone Photographers for their submissions! We received over 25 excellent photos to choose from. The above photos we thought deserved Honorable Mentions specifically for their artistic qualities and clear intent to set out and take an artistic photo! Our favorite part about the above photos is that some are taken by Pro photographers, regular people and even a chicken farmer (which barely missed 1st place)! This should encourage all of you to join in next time! So Congratulations Honorables! You guys get to walk about the streets today feeling like winners too!

If you are wondering why and how the above entries were able to edit their photos in camera let me suggest some of the following iphone apps.

Photo fx

Stay tuned for our next Surprise Ridiculously Awesome Photo Contest! Announced on Twitter!

Mt Princeton (Iphone)

Welcome to the first installment of our Sanderson Images Ridiculously Awesome 24 hour Photo Contest. Our Goal.. to see some Ridiculously Awesome photos choose a favorite and cool the winner off in the hot summer sun with olive branches, feed them ripened fruits and garnish the winners feet with Ridiculously Awesome stuff. Ok so maybe not so much Greek goddess treatment but Ridiculously Awesome stuff is up for grabs on a bimonthly basis.

To start we begin our Ridiculously Awesome Photo Contest with the most subjective competition possible, “most artistic”. Ahh if only your opinion mattered. Doing the Judging will be Myself (John) an enjoyer of the blurry hard to understand ripe with meaning arts. Also judging the stunningly beautiful (Kimberly) a more down to earth judge, enjoyer of the more technical quality and style arts.

All are encouraged to enter the photo contest, Photographers, Friends, Family, clients.

How to submit photos:

1) Own a phone with a camera.
2) Take a photo with that camera between the hours of: 7:30pm July 19 and 7:30pm on July 20th TODAY!
3)Submit 1 photo to the service Twitpic and “Twitter it” with the username @sandersonimages or upload it to our Facebook fan page Here.
4) Win Ridiculously Awesome Stuff
5) Repeat. All contests begin like thief in the night without notice on Twitter under the user @sandersonimages so if you want to be notified you must become a follower of @sandersonimages and pay attention.

Whats up for grabs?
July 20th 2009, RAPC Beta.. 11×14 Gallery Wrapped Canvas with image of choice. Winner may submit any file of theirs to be printed (if you are a client of Sanderson Images you may choose a photo of ours).

Future contests we will be giving away more canvas’, Exhibition prints, Itunes Gift cards, gift certificates and more.

As many of you know already Kimberly and I have acquired a pretty ridiculously awesome printer. The plan here was to start creating some ridiculously awesome Prints. Naturally. However ridiculously awesome printers are quite expensive and BEG to be used.. So in the interest of keeping this bad boy running we plan to offer its services to Professionals seeking 1 on 1 high end Exhibition quality printing services. So if you are a professional photographer looking to have some Gallery Wrapped canvas’ made or perhaps want to print your photos on higher quality paper (dozens of paper types and textures available) for exhibition, sale or display contact us at printme@sandersonimages.com. Prices are affordable and turn around is usually less than a week.

Its ok, be ridiculously awesome.




I got to spend a few hours yesterday getting to know little Olivia Pearl. Her parents, Lisa and Davies were kind enough to allow me to photograph their new addition and try all sorts of new ideas I had! Thank you guys for being so trusting! I really had a good time and look forward to doing many more of these types of sessions. Here are a few of my favorites so far:


Check out how gorgeous Lisa looks after just giving birth 7 days ago!!

I love how wrinkly newborns are! Look at these folds…

Is that a little smile? I think she liked her makeshift hammock best.

Although, this was pretty comfy too!


I’m thinking she is saying, “Why am I in a bowl and what is this thing on my head?! Help!!!!” I love this shot though.

Hope you liked this crazy long sneak peek!! We love comments, let us know what you think!

All images in this post courtesy of the fabulous Carl Zoch


We have a ton of things to blog…a ton. I can’t wait to show you all of the beautiful things we’ve seen in the last few months. Seriously, I can’t. Right now though, nothing is as important as this post. This is the post where instead of telling you about the love of other people, or showing you the celebration of a new love, or letting you peek into the love within someone else’s happy family; I am going to tell you about My Love.


My Love is the tall, handsome guy who you will probably either find in his garden, behind a lens somewhere or behind his computer. He is creative with a passion. The kind of creative that often makes people say, “How does he think of this stuff?” He is persistent with his ideas…following them through to completion. He has wild, brave ideas…most of which I cautiously raise eyebrows to. He makes me braver. There is nothing that he cannot do when he sets his mind to it. I mean that with all sincerity. One day he will say, I think we should raise chickens. So for the couple of weeks he is totally submerged in researching chickens. One month later we had a chicken coop in our back yard hand built by John with 15 happy chickens peeping their way into our hearts. He’ll say, let’s take a leap with Sanderson Images. WE CAN DO THIS. He knew it before I did. He believed it before I did. He was right. He is almost ALWAYS right. In our near 10 years of marriage it has taken me that long to come to the realization that John is wise beyond his years and I should just be quiet, stop my worrying and try to keep up.


This is the most important part of my post. The part that makes me cry as I type. The part that I want to share with all of you because our clients, (as much as we love you!) don’t get to see this part of John and yet it is my favorite part. My love is the kind of Daddy I always wanted for my babies. He is gentle with the kind of calmness you can feel as soon as he enters a room. He is patient with the kind of patience even a screaming 2 year old cannot shake. He is a teacher in a way that makes the boys stop and REALLY listen to what Daddy is saying. He is quiet and sure. He is silly and fun. He knows how to work hard and yet he knows when it is time to stop and enjoy family and love and life. I see things in each of my children that mirror John. Gabriel is sensitive and gentle and has BIG ideas. Noah is silly and full of life. Lillianna is a cuddlebug, creative and thoughtful. They are mirroring what he is teaching and for that I love him more than I ever thought possible.



So, the big question is…exactly how far behind are the Sandersons on their blogging adventure? And the answer is…1 year exactly with a couple of exceptions thrown in. Maybe our dear readers will find it amusing to see weddings we shot one year ago in the craziness that was summer of 2008. We love showing our readers where we have been and what we have been up to, so instead of skipping some of our very favorite weddings, we are going to try to do anniversary blog posts from our weddings last year intermingled with weddings from this year.

Enter Janet and Jeremy.

We loved, loved, loved, this wedding. Not just because they are family, (but they are!) not just because they let us drag them all over Colorado, into crazy fields and old abandoned houses in their wedding attire (but they did!) not just because they made their wedding fun for all who attended (but they did!) but just because we loved the way they loved each other, loved everyone around them and had a blast doing it.

Since this was family, we had an extremely hard time narrowing the images. Here are a few of our favorites….

Getting Ready

The Ceremony

Love the way Jeremy is looking at Janet here…

This is always one of my FAVORITE moments in a wedding; the pure joy of coming down the aisle married to your love.

The Portraits


The Reception

Had to throw this one of our little Lillianna in here…she had soooo much fun!!


One last hug from Mom…

And off they go…

Luckily, we got to shoot them a little the next day! They were such good sports, I think Janet was freeeeeeezing.

We love to shoot late at night with long exposures. John painted these with a huge flashlight while Janet and Jeremy stood VERY still.

Hope you enjoyed these! We love feedback, let us know what you think!

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