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Fall Minis! Its that time of year again! Time to schedule your fall mini or full family sessions. This year we’re bringing back real film mini sessions, yep we load the old medium format camera with a fresh roll of film, capture amazing timeless images, process them and scan them at the finest quality. We will still be offering simple digital minis and of course we have hybrid film and digital options as well. Inquire about pricing and availability.  Slots have been filling even before this posting so if you need a weekend we recommend booking an available slot today!

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Don’t forget about perks!

• Invite 2 or more families who book a session and get $10% off (only you)!

• Invite 2 families, who book a session on the same day one after the other (10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am), each family gets 10% off.

• Invite 5 or more families who book a session and get all digital high res files for free (only you)!

• For sessions outside of Lancaster, PA split the cost of travel between multiple families!


Still trying to get behind the lens once a month with my kiddos!  John has been shooting a lot with a medium format film camera.  This is how he finishes off the wedding rolls.  (Can we just talk about how adorable my daughter is?  I had to zoom in to see what was on her hand…it’s a sweet drawing of sunshine.  Just like her.)

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We don’t blog enough engagement photos.. so I thought I would drop a recent one here. These two took a walk with me around the Susquehanna River in the Mason Dixon Trail. Along with their two dogs we enjoyed a wonderful evening together creating some lovely photos and just enjoying life in general.  I love engagement sessions because I feel like it benefits both the couple and SI to get to know each other before your big day!  All of our packages include a local engagement session for this very reason.


431_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos 432_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos 433_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos 435_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos 437_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos 438_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos 440_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos 442_Lancaster-PA-Wedding-Photographers-Sanderson-Images-Susquehanna-river-engagement-photos

This is real life here today.  Not a beautiful photo, but real.  We both dread haircut time so I try to joke around through it, but he hates having it cut, and I don’t really like cutting it.  The pressure of cutting a middle schooler’s hair and not messing it up is just too much.  But we do it together and deal with the outcome….the way family does.


Erin   •   Rhonda   •   Naomi   •   Andrea   •   Georgia

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