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Shabby Chic wedding, Private estate.

Photography by: John + Kimberly

Event Coordinator and Florist: Burlap and Blooms

Caterer: Feast Your Eyes

DJ: Main Line Events

Photographers notes: What can I say about Carrie and Eric? We first met our darling bride, Carrie as a bridesmaid at an stunning Marion Cricket Club wedding in 2011. She has (even before hiring us herself) referred us to many friends of hers. We were of course beyond excited to actually get the call that Carrie herself was engaged and that we had her date available! This Shabby Chic Wedding was stunning and Eric is literally the perfect guy for her…

Ladies look  away for a sec..

Ok guys.. want to make your bride feel special ALL DAY LONG? Pay very close attention to how he reacts when he sees her for the first look below, this is the BEST gift you can give her on her wedding day period. Write it down, memorize it.. do what you have to do. The bride has put everything she has into this moment.. please please please make it worth every second of time she spent planning this day. Over and out.

Ok ladies where was I? We were so honored to be a part of this day and so excited to finally be sharing it on the blog.


For those of you ogling this gorgeous venue and thinking, “How can I have MY wedding there?!”  You can’t.  I’m sorry.  🙂  This is a lovely family estate that Carrie’s folks have so lovingly resurrected to the gorgeousness you see before you…



Her dress remains one of my very, very favorites (kim talking here  😉 )  I believe I gasped when I saw it.   Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography Shabby_Chic_Wedding_shoes 009Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography

How amazing does she look?! Shabby Chic bride Shabby Chic Bridal Portrait 012Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography Shabby Chic Groom

Here it is gentlemen:  take note…. Amazing first look photos
first look wedding photosHe can’t take his eyes off her.  Ugh.  PERFECT couple alert.  How lovely are they together?!
Black and white wedding Shabby Chic Portraits elegant wedding photos 021Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography Lancaster Pa Barn Weddings 023Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography Farm At Eagles Ridge wedding Farm at Eagles ridge Wedding photos Barn Wedding Photos Lancaster PA Estate Weddings.
029Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography Beautiful farm wedding 031Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 032Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography

Perfect. 033Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 034Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 035Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 036Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 037Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 038Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 039Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 040Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 041Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 042Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography

Every detail of this wedding was carefully thought out and it came together perfectly . 043Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 044Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 045Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 046Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 047Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 048Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 049Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 050Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography

Such a perfect Shabby Chic Wedding right?

Pay close attention to the beauty on the left and that handsome dude on the right…they will be featured on the SI blog very shortly!  🙂  We love love love photographing a circle of friends, we become so close. 051Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 052Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 053Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 054Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 055Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 056Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 057Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 058Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography

Party time!! 059Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 060Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography 061Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography

The close of a perfect day… 062Shabby_Chic_Wedding_Lancaster_PA_Sanderson_Images_Photography

Month 2 in my project with a few other Mama photographers to get behind the camera…

This is real life… Lilli  is in Pj’s because she was out playing in the stream with Noah and got her pants wet. Gabe is laughing at the silliness of me setting up photos during dinner. Noah is staring straight at the camera, because, well,  he just must.  Dinner is in pans because we are not fancy around these parts. There I am in a *hair*kerchief because I’ve been painting all day. (I’ve learned my lesson to never prime with exposed hair…have you ever tried to wash that stuff out after accidentally leaning into a door frame or something?  It does NOT come out.)  Regardless, John is still looking at me like he’s happy I’m there.  That is the best part of this photo to me.

No matter the chaos, no matter the mess, here we gather each night to laugh and talk and sometimes cry about our days.  There have been a lot of tough ones in a row in these parts.  We get through them together.   I know one day we’ll look back fondly at the struggles as “the good ole days”.  For now, I will try to slow down and embrace these dinners with my four favorites.



Please take a peek at the other Mamas who are brave enough to get in front of the lens this year:

Erin   •   Rhonda   •   Naomi   •   Andrea   •   Georgia



  • Erin

    Great family picture and you do all look happy!

  • Naomi

    Oh i love this! Our family has such a wonky schedule that dinner together doesn’t happen super often….and i grew up with family dinner every night so i miss it. i think this is so awesome. 🙂

Oh hey there little Knot award. Where would you like to live in the studio? Lancaster, PA is a wonderful place to operate a wedding business. Our clients are so good to us and we’re honored to learn that our clients love what we do for them as well. Our wedding clients live all over the East Coast from Rhode Island to Richmond, VA and all the way to Colorado. It’s a pleasure doing what we do no matter where or who we are serving.

Lancaster Wedding Photographers

Meet Shawn Smucker, a great friend of mine.  He is the kind of guy that you just want to be around. His presence is comfortable and interesting.  Do you have friends like that?  The kind that you can immediately fall into a rhythm with, the kind that not only listen and contribute but really HEAR you, the kind that will offer well thought out advice and well timed jokes; this is Shawn.  He is a terrific author who has published quite a few books, most recently, The Day The Angels Fell (a book our kids devoured with when it came out and CANNOT wait for the sequel). This editorial styled photoshoot with Shawn is our bottle of champagne smashed on the bow of a new ship ready for sail.  Sanderson Images is setting sail for innovative editorial work and original, well thought out headshots for creative people and entrepreneurs.  Our new studio in Lancaster PA is the perfect place to accomplish these new goals.  Don’t worry, no literature was harmed in the making of these images. The book that is torn to shreds in the background is actually a 20 year old thrift store dictionary.  Please enjoy the images and think about how portraits and imagery can be used to strengthen your brand.  Maybe you know someone who can benefit from a creative headshot?  Please send them our way!

Editorial Photographer, Philadelphia, PA Composite Portrait Editorial Unique Headshots Editorial portraits Creative Headshots Shawn Smucker, Author Creative Portrait Sanderson Images Creative headshot ideas Shawn Smucker, writer Paper airplane portrait

Grand Cascade Lodge wedding!

Photographers: John + Kimberly

Florist/Cake Artist
Scott A Designs

The After Party Band

Crystal Springs Resort

Photographers notes: Kerri and Ryan are Part 2 of our blog post about two best friends who got married and we had the honor of photographing both weddings! You can see that beautiful Maid of Honor and her stunning Newport wedding  had a much different feel than Kerri’s wedding in the Poconos.  That’s one of the reasons we love what we do.. no two weddings are alike.

That dress, that LACE!!  I loved this spot to hang it because the ceremony site is just beyond that window. Crystal Springs Resort WeddingKerri was already looking stunning when we showed up.  She was also so calm and relaxed. Getting ready at Crystal Springs resort preparations Crystal Springs Resort Grand Cascade LodgeThe girls were so awesome helping her get ready….there was a tiny button snafu and they all pitched in to help. Hi Jess!   Doesn’t she look pretty? Ryan had his own crew of terrific groomsmen helping him out. Crystal Springs Resort wedding photosMy fave. Crystal Springs Resort wedding photosKerri is stunning.  Absolutely naturally stunning.
Crystal Springs Resort wedding photosLOVE. Crystal Springs Resort wedding photos Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos AHHH!  Look at the way he is looking at her!
Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos

Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos Crystal Springs Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos Oh Happy Day!! Crystal Springs Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos Crystal Springs Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos Gorgeous couple.  Gorgeous location. Crystal Springs Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photos Crystal Springs Grand Cascades Lodge Wedding photosThis reminds me of a fairytale…. Time to celebrate!!! A little time lapse action…

Such a great great day!!  Thank you Kerri and Ryan for trusting us with your memories!

N a v i g a t e