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Castle Hill, Newport Wedding Photography by: John + Kimberly

Wedding Venue/Caterer:  Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI

Florist: Toni Chandler Florals

Cake: Scumptions via Castle Hill

Dress:  Lazaro from Christina’s Bridal

DJ: John Zucco, Entertainment Specialists

Entertainment: Specialists out of South Easton, MA

Live Music: Driftwood Duet

Invitations/Stationary was by Lauren Chism Fine Papers 

Hair and Make-up was by Natural Creations in Newport.

Photographers notes: Jessica + Max’s weddings is our awesome throwback feature today. We are somehow blessed as destination wedding photographers with the kindest, most thoughtful and trusting clients from all parts of the US who plan the most spectacular events! It really makes our work so much fun. Sometimes, during the wedding season we get so busy serving our wonderful clients that blogging has to take a backseat for awhile. We do a lot of Newport wedding photography and we want to share more images with you! We are thrilled to share this one (and can’t believe we have waited this long!) and excited to share the next few we have prepped as well.  This post is so fun because the maid of honor in these images is who we are blogging next! 🙂  Will the images and experience be similar? Stay tuned!  We really love it when we have the pleasure of continuing our relationships with our clients turned friends.

On to the main event:  How amazing is the tent at Castle Hill?!  We LOVE shooting there!

001Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0041Dad looking at the dress brings all sorts of emotions…sniff sniff… 002Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0004 003Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0040Jessica’s girls were so fabulous, they really took care of her! 004Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0005 005Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0006 006Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0001 007Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0037 008Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0007 009Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0038 010Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0013 011Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0014 012Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0018 013Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0020Loved the flowers at this wedding!  Toni always has a sixth sense for a bride’s style…love love love everything she creates! 014Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0015 015Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0017 016Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0042 017Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0016Her face!!! She is so happy!  I just love the way she is looking at him. 018Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0021 019Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0044 020Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0043Ahhhh!  So excited! 021Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0023Their bridal party was so much fun! 022Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0024
024Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0026Gotta get at least one shot with the Newport Bridge in the background!
026Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0029 027Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0027 028Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0012 029Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0010 030Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0011 031Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0019 032Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0030 033Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0031 034Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0032Hard part is over…let’s party! 035Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0033 036Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0036 037Castle_Hill_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer2016-03-04_0034All in all, a pretty darn perfect day.

Somewhere, time decided to start turning your baby into a woman.. your little one into a gentleman.  While their curiosity bends around experiments and joys, their giggles and belly laughs turn to controlled smiles and poise.

It just happened.  They woke up and they’d grown up a little more.

There are hints of the “grown up them” in their looks and their spirit is starting to look different in their eyes.

You can see it in a photograph- and we can help you keep it forever.   Let our passion help capture yours. We are excited about the launch of our in studio, fine art, children and teen portraits. Contact us today for more info on scheduling your child to be captured in a way that preserves the memory of these amazing and often overlooked days.


Lancaster, PA child portraits

So you know by now.. if you’re at all in the loop with the Sandersons, we love Maple Syrup.. we’re obsessed. So obsessed in fact that if there is a Sugar Maple tree within walking distance of the #Sanderfarm it probably has a tap in it. Known locally as #Sandersyrup, it is a family made gem of Lancaster County. We have so much fun sharing it, make candy with it and of course dumping it on waffles and stacks of pancakes. We also LOVE to sweeten our coffee with it (trust us on this one, but be careful…once you make the switch to maple coffee you can never go back)

We started tapping trees 4 years ago as a homeschooling project and we were hooked.  Back then it was a few taps with buckets that the kids would faithfully empty into our big cooking pot.  We just boiled down over an open fire and we were shocked at how much sap it takes to produce that precious gold stuff.  Every drop of sap spilled we mourned.  🙂  These days, our operation has gotten quite a bit bigger and we have plans to grow it even more.

Take a peek at John’s new sugar shack that he built from mostly found materials.  (It doubles as a greenhouse when we aren’t in the thick of maple season.)

The steam that comes from the shack on a chilly day is just awesome.   Believe me when I tell you it smells fabulous in there. 055Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PA

The Amish Canner is the star of the show.  We have our sap dripping directly into it from the trees and we boil down continuously on warm days.  Today we have been boiling outside in the canner since 6:30am and I have been finishing yesterday’s all day boil inside on the stove.  We managed to get just about 1.5 gallons of syrup yesterday (which is roughly 40 gallons of sap) and I am hoping for the same today. 056Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PACan’t you just smell that pure maple syrup?! 057Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PA 058Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PA 059Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PAThat sweet little girl could probably run the whole process herself, she is Daddy’s neverending helper and knows all things syrup.

These two little Sanderlings are most helpful. #sandersyrup is a family project and a team effort.

061Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PAAs I mentioned earlier, we tend not to use buckets anymore.  We use tubing and gravity.  The trees are tapped on our neighbors property on the hill behind our house and we have them tubed all the way down to our house.  (and yes, we share lots of the finished product with him for his generosity!)
062Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PA 063Maple_Syrup_Production_Lancaster_PA

Hope you enjoyed this peek into one of our very favorite hobbies!!  Is your family fans of maple syrup?  What do you use it on?

Here is our #sandersyrup Instagram feed showing our progress through the seasons.

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Lauxmont Photography By: John + Kimberly

Engagement Photos: Lancaster County Parks

Wedding Location: The Sunken Gardens at Lauxmont Farms, Lancaster, PA

Hotel and Getting Ready: Marriot Lancaster

Florist: Splints and Daisies

Officiant: Father Dallasandro

Band: Strangers

Caterer: Accomac Events


Photographers Comments: Jayme and Brian were the third wedding we photographed last year that included two faith ceremonies. This was a fun event because the 1st ceremony was an indoor Catholic ceremony at the Rotunda and the second ceremony was a outdoor Jewish ceremony in the Sunken Garden. It was full of fun and happy people all day long and we had such a blast photographing it. We love every single Lauxmont Farms wedding we have ever photographed and this was no exception. We hope to keep working there often!

Here are a few favorites from their spring engagement session.

002_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyOkay…girls you are going to understand this..I was obsessed with Jayme’s dress.  OBSESSED.  I couldn’t stop telling her how much I loved it.  lauxmont Farms Wedding Photography

Let’s talk about how awesome her flowers are for a minute too!  Splints and Daisies outdid themselves. 004_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 005_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyGah.  So gorgeous!! 007_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 006_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyA small bridal party is a bit of a treat for us these days.  Three is a fun number to photograph!
008_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 009_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography

Let’s not forget the gentlemen! 010_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 011_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographySo serious. 012_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 013_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyThe first ceremony was an intimate one with just immediate family. 014_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 015_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 016_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 017_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyA little silhouette action…
018_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 019_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 020_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyWe had fun photographing this bridal party….
021_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photographyand the view was amazing. 022_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 024_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 023_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 025_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyShe’s adorable. 026_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 027_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 028_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 029_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 030_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 031_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 032_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 033_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 034_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 035_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 036_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 037_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 038_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyMoving on to ceremony #2!
039_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 040_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyThe light was just gorgeous all day long. 041_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 042_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 043_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 044_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 045_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 046_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 047_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_PhotographyTime to PARTY! 048_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 049_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 050_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography 051_lauxmont_Farms_Wedding_Photography

Hi all!  I just wanted to introduce a new personal Photo project that I will be working on throughout this year.  (This is Kimberly, by the way!)  My fantastic sister, Erin Galindo, asked me if I wanted to take part in a blog project that she has been doing with friends where they each post a photo on the same day every month.  For 2016; “As We Are, With You” is a project that involves getting us, the photographers, in front of the camera.

I have to say…I was in no mood today to tackle this project.  It is completely out of my comfort zone and I was already having a grumpy sort of day.  HOWEVER… I spent all last week up in RI at the AMAZING Inspire Photo Retreat and I know (because I heard it over and over and over)  that tackling a personal project is just what I need right now.

I want my kids to look back at our images and see me present, not worried about my crazy hair that day or my weird outfit or the fact that I may or may not have 3 chins when I laugh really hard…because seriously, all they actually see is me laughing really hard and enjoying life with them.  I would love for them to remember me that way.  Photos tell a story.  If I remove myself from those photos I am erasing part of my kids story..  part of my story..  part of our family’s story.

So let’s do this thing.  One more note…so many times I take the easy way out and have John “help” me with these projects.  This time I am going to be brave and creative and *motivated* and see what unfolds when I trust myself more.


Please take a peek at the other Mamas who are brave enough to get in front of the lens this year:

Erin   •   Rhonda   •   Naomi   •   Andrea   •   Georgia


  • Erin

    Oh Kim, I love this and I’m so happy you are joining us! Love smiles on your faces, true joy!

  • Great shot and welcome to the project!!!!

  • Naomi

    Happy to have you join! love this–love the happiness in this photo 🙂

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