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Drumore Estate wedding Photography by: John + Kimberly

Location: Lancaster, PA

Dress: Posh Bridal Design – Janell Berté

Wedding Venue/Caterer: Drumore Estate

Florist: Wildflowers by Design

Cake Artist: Bella Manse 

DJ: DJ Roll Out

Photographers Notes: An elegant estate ceremony with a wonderful couple. This Drumore Estate wedding is stunning and the perfect place for a wedding. We had so much fun exploring the place and discovering every nook and cranny of the property. So excited to work here in the future! With so many wonderful wedding vendors from the Lancaster, PA we were so excited to be a part of all the fun! We hope you enjoy the story!


Drumore Estate Wedding, Lancaster, PA Wedding dress Posh Bridal Drumore Estate Wedding, Lancaster, PA Janell Berté Posh Bridal Drumore Estate Wedding, Lancaster, PA Bride opening present Sanderson Images Bride looking at Posh Bridal Wedding dress

Father and son get ready for a wedding at Drumore estate
Groomsmen get ready at Drumore estate for a wedding
candid photo of Groom hanging out with groomsmen artistic photo of groomsmen groom portrait at drumore estate
bridesmaids watch bride getting ready

a gust of wind fun photo of bride
bride portrait with boquet bridesmaids posing with boquets detail photo of bride walking

wedding ceremony details at Drumore estate
Flowers and details Groom preparing for wedding
Parents preparing for ceremony

Flowergirls walk down isle
Groomsmen Candid photo of groom looking at bride
Drumore estate wedding Drumore estate wedding candids Drumore estate wedding

Bride and groom recess

Bride and groom kiss

Bridal party portrait walking Artisit wedding photo of bride and groom Artistic Wedding portriats Best Drumore estate photo Bride and groom at fountain Bride and groom under veil Walking down the lane
Close up bridal portrait candid phot of the bride

Bride and groom with Drumore estate in background

Drumore estate

Drumore estate table Drumore estate Reception
Bride and groom walk into the reception
Bride and groom 1st dance Bride and groom 1st dance Drumore estate Bride and groom 1st dance Bride and groom 1st dance Bride and groom at reception Eating dinner Photobooth
Reception tent at drumore estate by sanderson Images
groomsmen toast the bride and groom

Wedding cake with flowers vintage Bride and groom cut the cake Reception at Drumore estate

Venue Chilton Wedding Photography By – John + Kimberly, Sanderson Images

Wedding Venue – Venue Chilton, Harrisburg, PA

FlowersJeffrey’s Flowers

Makeup Christina Carmina

Hair Timothy’s A Hair Salon 

CoordinationThat’s It! Wedding Concepts

Catering Sage Catering 

LightingBlooms by Vickrey 

LinensSpecial Occasions 

RentalsEvent Central 

Susie and Greg were married at Venue Chilton near Harrisburg, PA. One of the most spectacular locations in Central PA to be married.. If you are familiar with Venue Chilton you know that Susie is actually the venue manager, daughter of the owners of this amazing estate. What an honor is was to be the photographers for such an important event inVenue Chiltons history! The while day was filled with the most amazing details and people and food. Susie and greg were so loving and their ceremony was full of fun and emotions.

001_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos 003_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 004_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 005_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 006_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 007_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 009_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 008_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 010_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos Groom
014_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos getting ready Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos, Bridal portrait 019_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 020_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 023_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_

The original Wedding location.. a freak storm came through and pushed the event inside.

066_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 024_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 026_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 027_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 028_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 029_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 030_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos first look Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos first look 033_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 034_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 035_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 037_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_
039_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos rings Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos kiss 043_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos 047_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 048_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_
Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos bridal party bridal party Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos Groomsmen Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos
Portraits Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos 055_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_
2015-09-15_0099 057_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 059_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 060_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Artistic wedding Photos, Venue Chilton 061_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 063_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos reception tent Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos reception details 072_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 073_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos first dance 075_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos laughing 077_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 078_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos toast 080_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 081_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 082_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 083_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 084_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos dancing 070_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Artistic wedding Photos, Venue Chilton 086_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 087_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ 088_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Artistic wedding Photos, Venue Chilton 089_sanderson_images_Venue_Chilton_Wedding_Photos_Engagement_Session_Harrisburg_PA_Wedding_Photographers_Central_Pennsylvania_ Venue Chilton Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photos

Hola love lovers!  June is one of the best months to have weddings, go to weddings and gush about them.  Allow gush-fest 2015 to begin with Amanda and Chris.  They were wed at Lilly Manor on a perfect September day.  So, grab your favorite summer cocktail and a piece of tasty cake and let’s settle into this intimate, beautiful day.

Wedding dress on a yellow door


Amanda and Chris purposefully planned a day focused on what’s most important — their family and friends. From the bride: “Our wedding is all about celebrating with our closest friends and family. We are hoping to make lots of memories [on the big day].”
Beautiful bride alert!
When asked what her favorite things are about Chris Amanda said “He never fails to impress me, always exceeding my expectations, his integrity, he gives the best hugs!” And Amanda, you forgot how great he cleans up! 🙂

One of my favorite things about John and Kimberly’s style of photography are the beautiful bride and groom portraits they capture. Some of my most cherished photos from our big day are the ones of MB, just him and his cute tux. Just the best.
A lot of people ask me what the most important thing (other than my darling husband) was from our wedding.  Aside from all the feelings, it has been the photos — the one tangible thing I have to hold onto.  I’m so happy to see that Amanda and Chris have these beautiful shots of how happy — and stunning — they and their friends looked that day. weddings
Oh brides!  Best idea ever!  Make sure someone brings an invite so you remember those long labored hours spent on the computer picking fonts and paper weights! weddings
Chris and Amanda were married at the gorgeous Lily Manor in Mifflin PA. weddings
Chris could not look happier that Amanda met him at the end of the aisle! weddings

Amanda and Chris had a very personal, touching ceremony which included a ring warming.  From Amanda:  We are doing a ring warming ceremony where the rings will be passed to all the guests during the ceremony, and they will “warm” them will their love and prayers”. weddings

Hooray!  They DO!
Now, let’s do some portraits! weddings
I’m a huge fan of these artistic group photos.  weddings
Yum!  Love in a field?  Yes please! weddings bride and groom
weddings bride and groom
weddings bride and groom
weddings bride and groom
This shot.  Love on all levels. weddings bride and groom
weddings bride and groom
weddings bride and groom
I don’t know about you, but I am ready to party! outdoor weddings
weddings receptions
weddings bride and groom
weddings first dance
weddings bride and groom
Amanda mentioned that their families like to get down.  I have a feeling that this colorful party did not disappoint! weddings cake
Weddings PartyCongratulations Chris and Amanda!  Wishing you nothing but love, kisses and happiness always!


Ceremony and Reception (including catering and that tasty cake!) — Lily Manor, Mifflin, PA

DJ — Mark Hoover


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