Katherine + Charlie


Where to begin….

What an amazing event! What an beautiful location! What an incredible family! The whole event was just perfect from the first phone call from Katherine’s mom Nancy (our main contact), to the very end. We were so glad to be given the opportunity to photograph this wedding at their lake house in West Virginia. It was a fast paced day and everywhere we turned there was a special moment or detail to be captured. We truly felt welcomed into this close knit family…thank you all for making us so feel so at home! This was such a packed day filled to the brim with emotion, that by the end of it, when Kim and I fell hard into our hotel beds, we couldn’t stop excitedly and happily discussing the images we had come away with. We certainly hope that we get the opportunity to work with you guys again!

…many apologies to Nancy and Katherine for making it so hard to narrow down your favorites for the album! 😉 I guess that’s a good problem. We had the same problem trying to narrow down images for the blog!

The wedding was held at the familys Vacation home and the Reception was held at The Resort at Glade Springs WV.

I’ll let the images tell the story.

Getting ready.


Love this shot. I was jumping up and down (on the inside!) when I saw this in the viewfinder.


Love the hanging buckets

This is a Panorama I captured during the event. This can easily be blown up to 60″. So much detail.

If you only knew the significance behind this shot. Chills.






These two are a prime example of our theory that if you are in love you will get good photos. Period. We had little time for these portraits, about 15 minutes. We told them where to stand… they did the rest. Love, people. Love makes the images pretty. These guys are not models or actors, in fact I am pretty sure that they were not too excited about being photographed. Who is? But they are so happy together that the moments happened without our instruction.. because of this we did not need the usual 45 minutes of portrait time and the pictures were awesome.






The details at this event were out of this world.

Such a beautiful moment.













Here is one of our favorite parts of the story…the part that tells exactly who this family is and how much they loved on us while we were out there…

A few weeks after the wedding we get this AMAZING email from Nancy. We just had to share it with you all. (It’s a poem for those of you whom are unfamiliar with the art.) 😉

‘Twas the day of the wedding,
and all through the house,
all creatures were stirring–
yes, even a mouse.

The prized dress was hung
from the antlers with care
in hopes that the bride
would soon don it, and wear.

The bridesmaids were nestled
on top of Kate’s bed
while vision of groomsmen
danced through their heads.

I, in my bathrobe, and Pa in his cap
remembered the days when Kate sat on our lap.

When outside my room
there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my chair
to see what was the matter!

And then in a twinkling
I saw at my door
Kim creating some magic
with rings and game board.

She was crouched and intent–
her headband it shone.
I knew in a moment,
special images we’d own.

They spake not a word,
her husband and she,
but went straight to their work
which filled me with glee.

Their faces so ardent
behind their cameras and gear,
I knew in a “flash”
true artists were here.

They followed and worked
and laughed and they smiled.
They caught every moment
as the crowd, they went wild!

And then in an instant,
the rumpus was gone.
All tables were empty–
not a light was left on.

But I heard them explain
‘Ere they drove out of sight,
“Happy Wedding to all–
And to all a good night!”


WOW. Now we get a lot of thank you letters, but a poem! Nobody writes a poem unless they have some sort of emotional experience worth writing about. Its incredible and humbling that our work can have such an effect on our clients.. we are so thankful to be working for clients like this. Thank you!!!

and the slideshow.

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