I wanted to start this blog post in a different way. I have always wanted to share with you all exactly how BLESSED we feel to do what we do. It is such an honor to be able to participate in one of the most sacred, emotional, romantic, and poignant moments of someone’s life almost every weekend. Sometimes people ask us if we ever get tired of shooting the same thing over and over. The answer is: no!! It is never the same, never boring, never dull. We have seen quiet passion, exuberant love, big loving families, small intimate circles, wild dancing, amazing anniversary dances, first moments that take our breath away, and more tears than we can count. I (Kimberly) still cry at almost every wedding. Really. I do. Ask John. Sometimes it’s because of a look that a Mom is giving her daughter, sometimes it’s the walk down the aisle, the specially written vows, or the Dad who face crumples as he gives his daughter away. Sometimes it’s a song. Sometimes it’s just the overwhelming love showering the entire room. But it always happens, and when it happens I feel blessed and thankful again and again.

This wedding captured the essence of what I was trying to convey above. John and I fell in love with Luella and Monte from the very beginning. They have such a light around them and as soon as you get to know them you realize it’s that they are just soooooo in love. They radiate love. That sounds corny but it’s so true.

Meet Luella. She is kind, beautiful and has a great laugh. She was calm all day and couldn’t wait to marry Monte.



Meet Monte. He was quiet and handsome and so in love with Luella. He also had an amazing sense of humor…(note the cardboard cutout in lieu of a missing brother!)


Some details of their day:


How cool is this church…see that skylight, a photographers dream!


This was our first foot-washing. It was such an amazing testimony of their love beautifully and humbly portrayed.



The getaway car!

The Wedding Party:

There were so many portraits of them that we loved we just couldn’t narrow it down any more than this!





The epitome of Luella…how can you not love this girl!!

They had all sorts of games to keep guest occupied at the reception! It was so fun!


First Dance:


This was an open mic time that they had for their guests to wish them well or say a little blessing or tell a story…they are certainly loved by many!



The sparkler exit…just awesome.

We love you guys! I wish we lived closer so we could see you more often! Thank you for blessing us with your day. Blog readers stay tuned…you have not seen the last of this fab couple!

Last but not least…the slideshow….

N a v i g a t e