Weddings: A Stunning DIY Backyard Affair in MD

Do you ever wonder which doctor your doctor goes to?  Or who does your stylist’s hair?  Or who takes a wedding photographer’s wedding photos?  Look no further, friends!  Michael and Sarahwho has no shortage of experience shooting weddings,  chose Sanderson Images to capture their special, a DIY wedding and love filled day.  Before we can dish on the fab details, the beautiful venue and the pretty B+G, let’s swoon over some engagement sessions pics.

Photography by: John + Kimberly

Blog Writer: Lauren Bailey



Engagement Portraits in Lancaster, PA
Engagement portraits Lancaster PA Sanderson Images

Sarah is a lover of all things birds (especially bluebirds) and Mike is an award winning home brewer. Sarah chose a nest to share in the photos while Mike chose to bring a bottle of his own beer. Love how this captures their personalities and interests!

Fun Engagement portraits Lancaster, PA

Golly, I LOVE a good costume change!

D Artistic Engagement Portraits, Lancaster PA Engagement portraits brewery

Hooray for the big day!  I really enjoyed getting the low down on this fete. In her very first email to SI, Sarah revealed that she and Michael had plans for an “unorthodox” wedding — an all day event to get them hitched sans reception.  I love couples legit personalize their day and make it about them, their love and their families.


Sarah and Michael created a cozy backyard party for their marriage to start.  Their focus was on their transition to husband and wife and how they interacted that day with their families.  What a beautiful and important sentiment.  Per the bride:

[The] ceremony/ritual is what is most important as we celebrate this next step in our lives. I feel like the ritual of entering into a marriage is often looked over these days, we have made it so that our whole day has some sort of element of ritual. We want to be as fully present as we can.

DIY Wedding details Sanderson Images

The key to nailing it is obviously looking fierce!
Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_056 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_054 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_053 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_052 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_051

I never tire of that first moment when a bride sees herself just as she imagined on the big day.  It is pure bliss.

Bride Getting ready DIY wedding


Oh goody!  A first look!

First look at a simple DIY wedding

Wedding high fives are FOR THE WIN!

Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_048 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_047 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_046

Alright, let’s go get hitched

Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_045 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_044 Small Unique Wedding Ceremony Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_042

What a beautiful sunshiney day to get forever linked to the person of your dreams.

Family cathers around for an intimate ceremony Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_040

Yummy details.  I have on good authority that Sarah and Michael did almost everything for their wedding day themselves.  Love!

Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_039 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_038 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_037

Michael surprised his bride with a song after the guest blessing.  Why people don’t surprise each other with song more often is seriously beyond me.

The groom Sings a song to the bride Bride and groom kiss during small backyard wedding Beautiful wedding ceremony in a back yard

Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_031 Bride and groom Enter the ceremony of a simple backyard wedding
Exchanging vows during a backyard wedding Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_027
Unique ceremony ideas with rope and cloth First kiss during a simple wedding by sanderson Images Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_023 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_022 Guests mingle during a fun and simple wedding Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_020

There is always time for a few portraits with your love, right?

Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_019 Bride and groom kiss on the from porch of a cottage Artistic wedding portraits DIY backyard wedding Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_016 Laughter and love Artistic wedding portraits DIY backyard wedding Artistic portraits Artistic wedding portraits DIY backyard wedding Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_013 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_012 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_011 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_010 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_009 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_008 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_007

I’m a big sucker for the phrase eat, drink and be married.

Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_006 Homebrew DIY wedding Photojournalistic wedding photos Sanderson Images

These last few shots literally took my breath away. Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_003 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_002 Small_Backyard_Estate_Wedding_Unique_Style_photography_Family_ceremony_Sanderson_Images_Lancaster_PA_001

Sarah and Michael — congratulations on such a wonderful union.  Your day looked perfect and I am certain that if you approach your lives together as you approached this very special day there will be many, many more happy backyard fetes for years and years.



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