Weddings: Scotch Valley Country Club, Hollidaysburg, PA

Listen, I’ve looked through a lot of weddings in my day.  But, I have to be honest, as  I scrolled through Katelyn and Trevor’s photo collection I continuously exclaimed — LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE!  THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  THIS IS MY FAVORITE PICTURE!  NO THIS ONE!!!!

My favorite thing about the pictures is that you can tell how much they love each other.  And how their wedding was an important event not just marking the beginning of their new life together, but also the joining of their two big, gorgeous families, whom they love very much.  I hope you have an hour or two to get caught up in this love story that John and Kim captured on film!

But first, their sweet, sweet engagement pictures!

Um, I’m sorry, is this even real?  Stunning, simply stunning.

Now, for the main event.  I may be completely biased, as I was a green shoed bride, but Katelyn’s details were absolutely stunning.

From the bride:

Trev [that handsome, fella up there]  has always associated the color of green with me (I have green eyes, I wear a good deal of green, I love green nature, and so on and so forth). So, green was an easy choice for wedding color.   And we threw purple in because it seemed springy, and who doesn’t love purple flowers, right?

Katelyn, seriously, the only people who don’t love purple flowers are probably the same people that don’t like ice cream cones and puppies.  So, I’m totally with you.

Alright, onto these gorgeous wedding details.

How Katelyn’s parents ever decided which of their daughter’s bridal portraits to buy and hang up in their home is seriously beyond me.


Oh!  The ceremony!  This is where I started to get choked up.  You’ll be able to see just how excited these two are to be getting hitched.  The ceremony was clearly the highpoint of the day.  From the bride:

Trev and I got to know each other a lot during the Bible study we were in with some of our med school friends. Our faith plays a huge role in our lives and relationship, so our ceremony means a great deal to us because it’s our covenant before God. We will probably not include many of the traditional additions to the ceremony but we will take communion together and [took] great care in choosing our readings and hymns.

These bridal party pictures make me want to get all of our friends back together, dressed identically to have more pictures taken.  Again from Katelyn:

We’ve been blessed to have a wedding party comprised of wonderful and unique individuals, which we attempted to highlight by allowing the girls to choose their own dress/jewelry/shoes and by picking out a different tie for each groomsman.

Yay!  My favorite part of the day — let’s PARTY!  Trevor and Katelyn were obviously also looking forward to getting their party on!

We envision a fun, love-filled gathering of the important people in our lives which celebrates our love for each other and commitment before God! And plenty of ridiculous dancing!

Fun fact!  Katelyn’s friend from high school made their adorable cake!  I wish I had friends that made me perfect cakes.  Maybe I can get this friend’s number…?

What a fabulous-looking day!  Congrats Katelyn and Trevor!  If your beautiful photos are any indication, I think you’re out there having a gorgeous life together.

Here’s a run down of Katelyn and Trevor’s wedding details:

Ceremony — First Presbyterian Church, Hollidaysburg, PA

Reception — Scotch Valley Country Club, Hollidaysburg, PA

Florist — Florals on the Corner, Lily, PA


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