Weddings: Lauxmont Farms, Lancaster, PA

June is the most popular month for weddings, according to the Farmer’s Almanac (humor me because my soul is that of a 75 year old farmer, OK?).  The Almanac also reports that August is the second most popular month.  All of this, the almanac, my old farmer soul, summer weddings, is so appropriate for the first post of June:  Ali and Derek’s bewitchingly radiant nuptial celebration at Lauxmont Farms in Lancaster PA.

First comes love, as you remember, so that means first comes engagement sessions!  This adorable one at Manheim Township Pool.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_008

Engagement pictures, Lancaster, PA


Can we talk about how cute and colorful this is?  Also, Ali, I love  your hair.  So does 98% of the Internet now, I’m sure of it.

water slide engagement photos


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_003

Best lancaster PA wedding photographers

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_005


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_006


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_007

And now for the big day!  Derek’s sister designed their invitation suite.  Talk about talent.  The only thing I did remotely creative today was Google the homepage of the Farmer’s Almanac!


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_010

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_012

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, wedding details

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_014

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, flowers and florals

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_015

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_016

I love these photos so much.  They’re so intimate and touching.  The bottom photo also reminded me of the phrase “tying the knot.”   I learned a lot about knots today and found this unbelievably fitting both for this photo and for the even in general:

Knots have a place in the folklore of many cultures and usually symbolize unbreakable pledges. Actual knots have certainly been used in marriage ceremonies for some time and the tradition of trying the wrists of the bride and groom with twine continues today in marriages in the use of sashes which are placed over the principal’s wrists. The word ‘knot’, although not in the phrase ‘tie the knot’, has been associated with marriage since at least the 13th century.  — source

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_017

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_018

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_019

Cheers!  Let’s got have ourselves a first look!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_020

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_009

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bride and groom portraits



Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bride and groom first look

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bride and groom first look

OK, we all agree that this was just unbelievably magical right?  It completely reminded me of Maid Marian and Robin Hood “Love Goes On” scene  in the Disney film.  The song, these pictures.  I’m like swoonfest 2014 over here.

Best lancaster PA wedding photographers

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_025

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bride and groom portraits

Best lancaster PA wedding photographers

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bride and groom portraits

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_029

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_030

Bridal portraits like these give me hope for America.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_031


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_032

Oh, Ali and Derek!  All your friends are here, too!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_033


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_034


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_036



Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_037

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bridal party


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_039



Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bride and groom portraits


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_069


Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bride and groom portraits, Lauxmount farms wedding photos


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_066

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_065 Best lancaster PA wedding photographers

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_064


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_063

When I saw this picture, my jaw literally hit my desk.  Stunning does not do it justice.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_061


Also, can we all just agree that Ali looks like  a very bridal Maggie Gyllenhal, which is totally a compliment and I want to eat lunch with Ali and Maggie and talk about how great their hair is what it’s like to be adored by the masses and how in God’s name do they get their skin so radiant!

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, bridal portraits

Before we get down to the business of getting Ali and Derek married, let’s peruse their beautiful, vintage details.

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, DIY details, vintage Bike

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_041

Ahhh, wedding corn hole.  You may not know that I’m somewhat of a corn hole expert.  Derek — I know we’ve not yet met, but next time definitely invite me to be part of your team and we will decimate the competition.

Central PA Wedding Details

Cute, grandparents, groomsmen and kids alert!!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_043

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_044

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_046

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_045

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_047

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_053

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_048

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_050 Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_049

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_054

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_055

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, ceremony, Ceremony photos

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_051

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_056

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, ceremony

I LOVE the first “woohoo!” as a couple.  Almost as important as the first smooch as husband and wife!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_058

Ali’s glee in this photo is contagious!  Every time I see it I make the same face!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_059


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_071


Central PA Wedding Photographers

As an emerald cut engagement ringed girl, I adore this shot to the moon and back.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_068

Onto the party!  I am completely obsessed with family style seating like this at events.  It’s so chic and inviting.

Central PA Wedding Details

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_074

All of these details make me want to drop everything I’m doing and get myself to an outdoor fete immediately.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_075

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_077

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_078

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_079


Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_080


Central PA Wedding Details

Could these look any more delicious?

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_084 Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, catering
The one thing that Ali and Derek were clearly not short on during their big day was love.  You can see it on their faces and faces of everyone in these photos.  Nothing is more assured than a healthy marriage when surrounded by this much genuine happiness and adoration.

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_083

Let’s dance, shall we?

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_082

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_086

Oh!  One of my favorite things about this wedding, other than everything, is that rather than have a cake, an ice cream truck rolled up to surprise Ali and Derek’s guests.  According to the couple:

Instead of a cake cutting, we will be feeding each other a bit of the specially-created bride&groom flavor

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_088

Clearly we are long lost friends.  Call me!

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_090

Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms Central PA Wedding reception
Wedding phtotography Lauxmont Farms, Tent, Tent wedding reception images

Lancaster_PA_Wedding_Photographers_ Sanderson_Images_Lauxmont_Farms_087

Ali and Derek – your wedding day was, by all accounts, a magical event to behold.  Couples never need luck in their new married lives — only lots of love.  You already have all of that, from each other and your family and friends.  So we send even more joy!

Some delicious details:

Invitations — Derek’s sister

Wedding coordination — Ali Hoover

Flowers — Ali Hoover

Officiant — Journeys of the Heart

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