Weddings: Pippin Hill, Charlottesville, VA

Note from the Wedding photographers: We love our Charlottesville Weddings, this is where it all began for us. We also love this family more than we can express. They are an amazing and important part of the history of our business. To continually work for them and call them friends is the ultimate compliment to our business. The wedding was stunning, fashionable and extremely fun.  Pippin Hill Vineyards is the ultimate place for a wedding, a beautiful American landscape, surrounded by Blue Ridge Mountains and farms. You can’t beat it. Get married here… and don’t forget to invite us! Back to Lauren.


Laurens notes:

Nothing says “Welcome” to a brand new year like amazingly perfect weddings.   Kendayl and Mike are beautiful people inside and out {as evidenced by the photographs below}.  I know this because Kendayl is the sister of one of my very best friends, Hilary who is one of first members of the Sanderson Images family.  Mike, I obviously met through Kendayl, and he is one of the most sincere and gentle men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

Let’s kick off 2014 right, shall we?

I dare any of you to not sing “I’m on a boat!” during the rest of these summertime photos.

From water to cozy fields, these engagement pics have it all.

Would it be weird for me to print and hang this in my living room?

My husband and I had the distinct honor of being at the beautiful wedding that follows.  I can attest that these pictures perfectly capture the joy, glamor and love that was oozing from that gorgeous day in May.

Love the the pic below with the Mother of the Bride, Fran, looking on as beauty become bride!

I, myself, am a big fan of the wedding fist pump.

These gals are ALL ABOUT FAMILY.  After these photos you’re going to want to be adopted.  Best part is, they’ll take you!

Pippin Hill Winery was the most accommodating, peaceful place for nuptials.  If you want to get married in at a vineyard in Virginia, I highly recommend it. 

More beautiful family shots, this time with the Father of the Bride, Truba {one of my all time fav people tied with my own family, and John and Kim}

Can a woman get some bridal portraits?!

Kendayl, I’d ask you to stop, but no one wants that!  And now some more beautiful women. 

There were men at this wedding, too.  And they looked awful handsome.  In between tasty snacks and cold beers. 

Mike, seriously!  You’re just the best!!

I’ve seen a lot of photos of couples doing  a variation of the first look by trading letters or soft words separated only by the door.  Makes for touching moments and great pictures.  Kendayl and Mike of course upped the ante of touching and had a prayer said over their hands by Kendayl’s youth pastor who also performed the ceremony.  When I saw these photos for the first time I totally choked up — so beautiful. 

I love both the girls peeking out at the wedding guests assembling!  So sweet!

OK.  Let’s get these two hitched. 

I’ve been to a wedding or two in my day — this ceremony, so close to nature, touching the sky, was pure magic. 

No detail was overlooked in the planning of this fete.  It was so much fun to recall all the perfection in the photos. 

As I mentioned, MB and I attended.  And by  attended I mean was the day of the coordinator.  I run a tight ship on Wedding Day.  Especially with the help of the Matron of Honor!

Sigh.  I love people in love. 

Fantan thank you card shots in between getting some couple portraits.

It’s time for the party.  Let’s get it started!

There was every sweet imaginable at the dessert buffet.  I did NOT leave hat reception hungry that is for SURE!

I’d never seen a firework exit in person.  Let me tell you — every time I leave any event — voting, work, the gym — at night I kind of half expect there to be a firework exit.  It was that much fun. 

Kendyal and Mike’s photo booth was well attended and enjoyed by almost every guest.  Those are fun pictures that I know they are enjoying!

Kendayl and Mike, I can’t say it enough — you two are beautiful, kind, and loving.  I see nothing but love and happiness for both of you everyday.  Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your day.

Happy New Year SI friends!  There is so much more beauty to share this year!


Venue/catering — Pippin Hill Vineyard, Charlottesville, VA

Choice Entertainment – Ashland, VA

Wedding cake and reception details were created by friends and family.


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