Weddings: GooggleWorks Museum Reading, PA

Did you ever see photos of other people’s weddings and think to yourself, “Those two people look amazingly cool and fun.  I kind of wish we were friends and that I had been invited to their wedding?” If not, this will certainly be that time when you check out these pictures.  Rachel and Anthony’s wedding, at the GoggleWorks Museum in Reading, PA,  was clearly a vibrant, ebullient  event — I had a blast experiencing their day through these photos.  From the wonderfully modern details, to the beautiful bride and groom, to the family that clearly loves the couple very much, the day comes through perfectly in the shots below.


So, if I had been walking down the street and these very handsome men had been coming at me, I would have fainted with delight.  This is a great shot!

Girl, I feel ya.  The first look gets me every time.  And yes, your headband is tops!

Bridal Party Photos at the Goggleworks Museum Portraits of bride and groom at the rustic and industrial Goggleworks Museum in Reading PA by sanderson images

I just heard the song “Yes to Love” and it reminded me of the following photos.  I melted.

I just love how Rachel and Anthony’s families are so excited that they are about to get hitched.

This location made my heart skip a beat.  Said the bride of the place that she and Anthony said “I do”

[T]he location … speaks to us. It is going to be very low key and easy, just fun with family – that is the focus.

Let’s all take a moment to swoon over the bride’s precious bracelet.

wedding ceremony in and art gallery at Goggleworks Museum in reading PA Remember when I told you about the wonderful details?  Please try not to fall out of your seat at the gorgeous paper flowers…

Or the long, rectangular family-style seating…

Or the cupcakes.  They really had me at cupcakes.

Clearly these people had the most fun ever!  See what I said about wanting to be friends? (Actually, R and A — Kim and John have my email — please contact me and we can go eat cupcakes together!)


Oh I wish it wasn’t over already!  Thankfully, I can make this post my homepage and relive it all the time!

I know you’re dying to know more about the details:

Ceremony and Reception — Goggleworks Museum, Reading, PA

Flowers — Boscovs, Reading, PA

Catering — Boscovs, Reading, PA

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